What’s Too Good To Be True?

The #1 Cause of Collapse!

Irreconciliation of the majority of the alt-right with LGBQT planned parenthood policies and pedophilia. This is exactly what leads to environmental social discord, denial and collapse. Collapse is in our heads. It starts there and ends with a dead planet.

These media echo chambers divide us because we only like to hear the sounds we like. They isolate opposition from debate and negotiation.

We logically have to provide free abortions, birth control, drug treatment and pedophilia education treatment and prevention. This is how the war mongers divide and destroy us.

It seems likely that pedophilia runs at the same percent of the population as predilection to drug abuse, or mental illness.

Child Pornography: A Clear And Present Danger

It seems that drug abuse and pedophilia are health issues that require serious attention for society to function. There are 5,000 child porn accounts in the Pentagon, that’s 1,000 per side. They’re trying to bury the investigation because of overwhelming blackmail. This can literally destroy the Pentagon. Child porn is now a national security threat from inside the Pentagon. You can’t make this shit up! These people want your money to bomb kids. This is happening because an inability to talk to outside positions. It’s childishly unbelievable.



One thought on “What’s Too Good To Be True?

  1. EtyerePetyere says:

    This was it buddy . I think you have completely lost it . ……. This blog is DELETED from my favorites list .. Have a nice going down .


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