Machiavellian Pedophilia: The Post-Truth Sexual Revolution

FBI Whistleblower Explains Only Judges With The Most Skeletons In Their Closets Get Chosen Because They Are Easier To Blackmail ( starts @ 1:43 )
The problem with Machiavellian Pedophilia is fear of its logical conclusion. It’s too evil.
After Machiavellian politics spread from Florence by the 1600s, some heretic Jews got the idea of salvation through hedonistic sin. This idea also spread like wildfire. This happened when the Popes started borrowing money from Florence to build its cathedrals. It was at this time the Countess Elizabeth Báthory, 1560-1604, began bathing in the blood of virgins to stay young. So now we got Occult Machiavellian Pedo-Politics proliferating with the Renaissance. Machiavellian political pedophilia grew quickly throughout church & royalty to quickly end up in Victorian England and America.
In Roman days, elite pedophilia was allowed, so no blackmail. Children were married younger back then. Since the age of consent is now 18 when it should be 16, an illegal demand is created exactly in the same manner that prohibition and the drug war created illegal demand. Children are maturing younger and need better supervision but economics denies that.  If we cannot solve human sexuality, society will collapse and guns will be the law. After that civilization will collapse and the machete will be law.
Do you remember the JFK assassination? Who cares? Because it’s over 50 years old and nothing was ever done about it.
Do you remember 911? Who cares? Because it’s over 15 years old and nothing was done about it.
Do you remember PizzaGate? Who cares? Because it’s over 15 days old and nothing is done about it.
The reason that Alifantis and Podesta appeared on the MSM is to make us feel, weak and ineffectual, and to make elites appear strong and reassured. It’s all done now, finished, it’s over and will be forgotten for another several years, because without revolution the cycle only starts again.

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