Why So Many Upper Crust British Are Pedos

Cuz the British crown is fuckin’ German and Germany caught the pedo flu from heretical Jews who came from the Khazars of East Central Europe.
Which is probably the same place where the Catholic church got it when they started borrowing the big bucks for their praise palaces.
When Queeny Liz was young she stole 10 native kids from Canada never heard from again.
Lady Rothschild hangs in Washington, so somebody’s gotta die.
I’m just making this shit up, just in case I’m right, which I think I am.


World’s Richest 1,000 Pedophiles

Elton John, Richard Nixon, George H. Bush, Ted Turner, Billy Graham Fucked Kids !!! This  list makes PizzaGate look like child’s play.

1,400 of England’s Top Pedophiles Have Over 100,000 Victims (May 2015)

The high and mighty names listed by Operation Hydrant in England over a year ago are so upper crust and pervasively powerful, that it is feared British High Society will collapse unless delayed and covered up.

When investigating, you are always told to source things, or no one believes you. Ask any scientist, but a real investigation doesn’t work that way. Detectives call this a hunch. Hunches are the Underdog Hail Mary pass that pays off less in accuracy the longer the shot is. First, you formulate a narrative from evidence, then from rumor, followed by more evidence. You play the easy hunches first, eliminate the obvious, followed by the more long shot play.

Lady Rothschild > David Brock > James Alefantis  =  3½ Some.

The Mother Mary of all longshots runs from the Rothschild Illuminati Synagogue of Satan all the way down to a sure shot bumbling buffoon in a pizza store. I’ve gone up and down the list and discount nothing with little actual evidence, and I do this more to ease my mind than anything. Public opinion only needs evidence, it’s judges that need proof. As any judge knows proof isn’t always enough against money and power.

So what if someone came out and named names? You wouldn’t believe them. People ask, why don’t the victims speak up, and when they do, we don’t believe them.

FAKE HEADLINE? > Drug Crazed Child Star Accuses Obama Of Rape

You cannot see Obama raping children, just like you can’t see Jesus taking a crap. There is no list of world famous pedophiles, and you wouldn’t believe it if there were. It’s how they win. Today’s post was spiritually draining. I’m burnt out, and my wife will be happy to know I’ll be taking a break for a while, but first let’s watch Australia blow up.

Satanic Pedophilia Network Exposed in Australia
It Starts at the TOP, Just Like in the USA and UK

Oct 2015 – Includes the list from the top of this page with video news conference.

Top 5 Celebrity Pedophiles = Elmo of Sesame Street

Willy Wonka Pedophile Factory = Johnny Depp

Ten Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Pedophiles = Pee Wee Herman

Are Tom Hanks and Will Smith Pedophiles?

Top 10 Pedophiles In History


Missing Children Stats And Their Correlation With Alice Day and Halloween

April 25 – Pedo Pride Day.
About 450,000 children are reported missing each year in the U.S.
About 18,000 are ‘endangered’ runaways, with about 3,000 due to child trafficking. 1-in-6.
In 2015 the CyberTipline received 4.4 million reports of assorted child sex activities.
Source: http://www.missingkids.com/KeyFacts
FBI missing person reports show a spike in missing persons for April/May and Sept/Oct.
This coincides very clearly with Alice Day and Halloween, two popular pedophile days.
Source: https://archives.fbi.gov/archives/about-us/cjis/ncic/ncic-missing-person-and-unidentified-person-statistics-for-2014
These numbers do not include ‘imported’ kids.

PizzaGate – The Useful Idiot’s Guide

Dr. James Cantor of the University of Toronto is a pedophile expert.
Here’s what he’s found.
► Pedophiles are 300% more likely to be non-right handed.
► Pedophiles are shorter than the average person.
► Pedophiles have an I.Q. that is 10-15 points lower than average.
► Pedophiles have much less inter-regional brain connective tissue.
► Pedophiles are clumsier than average resulting in early childhood head injuries.
► Pedophiles are up to 5% of the population, 1 in 20.
► Pedophiles – 33% like girls
► Pedophiles – 33% like boys
► Pedophiles – 33% like girls & boys
My running joke is that just because James Alefantis and David Brock are both short, stupid, clumsy pedophiles doesn’t mean that they are necessarily left handed, that would stereotyping. But, at what point do coincidences become too much?
Pizzagate’s Six Degrees Of Separation
Six degrees of separation is the idea that any “friend of a friend” statement connects any two people in just six steps.
If you consider all the evidence for suspected pedophiles that surrounds Clinton and Podesta, then 6° looks more like 2° of separation. Epstein, Silsby, Alefantis, Majestic Ape etc. etc. The links between pedophiles are too statistically anomalous to be mere coincidence.
There are very likely more pedophiles in this story than you have known in all your life. It seems that the we have 0% proof but 1,000% circumstantial evidence. A thousand points of circumstantial evidence, does not a proof make.
More people believe in life after death than pizzagate not because of evidence, but because they WANT to believe in life after death. Nobody wants to believe in pedophilia. The Illuminati do not control our minds, we do it for them. That is why they can throw pedophilic references in our faces throughout the media, and still we refuse to believe it.
Pedophilic Machiavellian Politics
The pedophile pursuit of Machiavellian politics is self-evident.
Watch any George Webb video that describes how police stations are infiltrated top-down via pedo blackmail.
Political Machiavellian pedophilia spread throughout Europe during the 17th century and infiltrated Europe’s churches, royalty and banking circles.
The Progressive Trumpian Wall of Silence
I used to think Konspiracy Kooks were all right-wing nuts until I saw all my favorite “progressive” websites build a Trump-like wall of silence on the issue. I just got banned from Reddit for posting pedo articles.
Posting Tip: Always select all and copy your text before hitting the post button.
Here’s more pizza crap here:
How to talk to your dog

Pedophilia + Anti Semitism = War

The Deadly Cocktail of Racism and Pedophilia!
Pizzagate and the cultural blowback from heretical Jewish pedophilia and ritual child sacrifice seems ominous.
YouTube search results for ‘Jewish media control”.
YouTube search for ‘Jewish child sacrifice’
YouTube search for ‘Jewish pedophilia’
Jewish media giants vs. racist teenager
I do not hate Jews, but that doesn’t mean a lot of people won’t.
The only things I hate are pedos and violence.

My Hate Crime Sex Speech!

Long live the SS of Satan’s Synagogue, The Young Turks, Secular Talk & Justice Democrats.

What is a hate crime? That’s like asking what is a love crime? All crimes are hate crimes. Hate crimes are just affirmative action for reverse racism. Paint a swastika on a synagogue, that’s a hate crime. Burn women and children alive with hellfire missiles, that’s a love crime.

Obombya has personally burned alive 2,600 civilians in 7 countries over 8 years, and dropped 65 bombs every single day in 2016, all this while we keep silent about pedo sex trafficking, at the same time we scream for our own sexual liberation and bathroom rights. Where were the women marches for the burnt women and children we hit overseas?

I love God and hate churches. I do not believe life after death, and I pretty much would like to destroy all churches, if they weren’t so beautiful. I believe in freedom of speech, and I would love to burn all bibles, except for the old ones.

I am a 60 year old pot smoking, organic pacifist hippy with a wife. I never cared what people believe. But that was when I didn’t know that all beliefs are 100% corrupted by evil, no matter how true are those beliefs. Before this year, I was never 100% committed to even the idea of evil. Now I’m 1,000% committed to the idea of evil.

I check out all my long time favorite progressive websites, and I see them all carrying on as if an elite world-wide pedophile ring does not exist. Blood money for silence. I’m glad that Soros & Co. can afford millions to shut progressive media up, stay calm & continue bashing Trump. Our only hope is that Trump is not as stupid as Clinton/Obombya are evil.

You cannot write, or talk about LGBTQ rights, and renewable energy – and remain silent – while our country burns women and children alive with hellfire missiles, and while we traffic children for sex, health or ritual slavery for the rich.

I am a goddamned white male, I don’t give a flying fuck about your fucking sexual rights as long as we allow the rape, torture and burning of kids to continue while we stay silent. We can only fix one thing at a time and that’s women and children first, not feminists and cucks first. I’m going to blast this simple basic message all over the bullshit sphere. That’s how much I hate your silence.

Make no mistake, there is no other motive for my hate speech crime than pure hatred, because I know that my words will change absolutely nothing. I feel guilty writing them because they only change my mind for the better, and nothing else. So I’m going to cut and paste these words on all the so-called media-critical websites I know, and they are legion.

When so-called progressive media warn about Fake News, you know the time is up. All news is evidence based, whether true or fake. That includes Tubby ‘n Titties on TYT and Testicular Talk’s Kunty Kyle Kulinski, both of whom blithely describe the overwhelming abundance of pizzagate evidence as insanity. If Muhammad Bernie Sanders can’t go to the DNC mountain, then the mountain comes to Muhammad’s Justice Democrats! What a fucking sick joke. Don’t we ever get tired of being continually mind fucked?

To paraphrase Titties of TYT, “I think all women who voted for Clinton, are fucking dumb, and yeah!, I’m fucking better than you!”

Thank you.



Sex Hate Crimes


Good Will Pedo Hunting

Pedophile Hunting Tips.

Hunting pedophiles has its own rewards. For every pedo you take down, you can rest assured that half a dozen kids have been saved. When taking down a child fucker, be sure not to prematurely kill them. You need to take time for a little reward fun with your pedo. You really have to be extra careful as a pedo hunter, because so many cops and Homeland Security guys own this action. Just google ‘homeland security busted for child porn‘ or ‘cops busted for child porn‘ and you’ll  see what I mean.

I’m a novice at pedo hunting, and I’m sure many of you net nerds out there have vastly more superior online stalking and hunting skills than I do. I suggest you pretend that you’re a hot preteen and start there. Unlike actual fishing, you’re sure to get lots of bites right away. Since I have absolutely no experience in pedo hunting, I’ve decided to write a memoir about in the near future. But, where did I start down this road? Here:

Evalion, is a YouTuber from Toronto. Since I was born in Toronto, I like her already. And since she’s Jewish, she can say all the anti-Jewish stuff she wants. It’s the same with being black, female or gay. Anyhow, she’s funny for someone so young.

I was watching her in the following video saying that the liberal media are pushing for pedophile acceptance with their usual ‘virtuous pedo’ and ‘pedophilia is a sexual orientation’ line of shit, when she knowingly said that you can see it all on Reddit in the AgePlay sub-reddit.

Caveat Emptor! AgePlay is a gimmick with fake rules about ‘pretending’ to have sex with underage kids. All the rules are bent, and the shit gets pretty fucking sick quick.

There are a lot of new terms to learn to be able to even peruse it properly. There’s ‘Daddy Dom’ which seems obvious. There’s PTHC, which stands for Pre Teen Hard Core, so if you google PTHC PORN, you should be well on your way. There’s also something called a ‘diaper’ fetish, which just fucking grosses me out. Then, there’s something called KIK, which I don’t even wanna know. Since I believe that even viewing child porn is illegal and totally disgusting, I don’t have the stomach to investigate.  But, the trail is still warm, and I leave it to you. Good luck, and good hunting.

Evalion Raises the Alarm About Pedophilia!

Here are the Reddit search results for Ageplay:



This video has nothing to do with pedophiles, but it’s just so fucking funny, I can’t stop laughing.

Evalion: How To Identify a Feminist


I can only watch this next video a few seconds at a time because I can’t stop laughing, so I hope she’s fine and everything will be okay. Okay, I’m over the hump, this is fucking sad. I hope she can figure out that prejudice/preference is normal and racism/sexism is not normal.

Evalion is being persecuted by the Canadian government for thought crimes