Peak Conspiracy Collapse Theory

I remember several years ago everybody was trying to pick a peak oil date. It was a game everyone pretended not to play. Everyone knows there’s a peak and no one knows when. It’s the same with points of no return, you always pass them before you know it. You cannot predict the peak point, you can only see it in retrospect. Just another one of life’s simple joyous mysteries.

I spent the last 20 some years reading progressive liberal media because I published a homeless newspaper in Toronto every single week during that time. They wore like comfy slippers. Let’s say for instance, did you know that 75% of female pedophilia does not involve a man? Comfy? Did you know that pedophilia occurs significantly more amongst gay males than all others? If you did you are smarter than I am.

The liberal left media and conservative right media agree 100% on just one thing, PizzaGate cannot be allowed to exist. It is zero sum grata. The man who owns the NYT is a predatory racketeer who was given a monopoly by his government. Government assets are the biggest dime on the planet. We can’t get war, and peace from the same dime.

We have to do two things at once, we have to stop trafficking, raping, killing women, boys and girls while at the same time freeing birth control, abortions, healthcare, education, food and water. The very reason I know we will collapse is because the sheep are too afraid to stand up to the wolf. Over 70% of Americans support Wade vs. Roe. Did you know that?

The Pentagon got caught with over 5,000 suspected pedophile actions detected on their own computers, that’s about a 1000 cases per side of the pentagon. DynCorp, run by Clinton loving Raytheon, has also been running boys, girls and women for sex since 2002 for private security forces everywhere our blood taxes go. Our taxes pay for child sex trafficking. Did you know that? This is why earth is dying. It’s not dying because of big bad corporations, it’s dying because of us sheep. We have to stop it, before earth dies. It does matter if soft progressives quietly go with war. In fact that is exactly what is wrong. Wake people up.

When I say earth dies, I mean good luck bacteria dead. This sexual sheep wolf thing has the power to end life on earth. We work hard, pay taxes to traffic woman and kids to private mercenaries all over the world, while we go into debt for healthcare and education which should be free. I am not writing these words because I am smart and you are stupid, I’m writing them because I know you never get to feel the simple joy of reading the truth anywhere.

TYT, Secular Talk, and now sadly, The Humanist Report tell us that 50% of Trump supporters believe in PizzaGate and that they are fucking crazy because Russia did it. I don’t know if you understand we cannot have progressives blaming Russia for PizzaGate. This mocks the LGBTQ and progressive community. If we can’t even explain ourselves to ourselves, how can expect to save a planet. I am not smart, you are not stupid.

Cartoons And The News



Pizza Math




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