Pedo Profiling – Fast Facts, Loose Stats

Pedo Profile:

Pedophile IQ averages 10 points lower, (but slightly cunning)

Average 2.5 centimeters shorter, (with receding curly hair lol)

More likely left-handed or ambidextrous. (which explains everything lol)


Lies, Damn Lies and Pedophile Stats.

Pedos = 5% of people, 1 out of 25.

Pedo Abused = 20% of all females.

Pedo Abused = 10% of all males.

Pedo Abuse = 50% done by parents.

Pedo Abuse = 20% done by relatives.

Female Pedos = 5% of people.

Male Pedos = 95% of people.

Gay Pedos = 70% of pedos.

Do you see how quick, easy and no nonsense my numbers are?

You will never see a quick, easy Gay Pedo number ever in print again, ever.

That’s because people and science don’t agree on the word gay.

So instead of quick, easy numbers, you get lotsa bullshit separating gay from bi-sexual and a-sexual and what ever other fucking sexual they make up. We have pillars on pillars of data for the 70 some sexual pronouns they already made up, leading me to think we are in fact masking hidden data that is top secret for the safety of the public. If that isn’t ironic, then nothing is. By the time we figure out which sexual pronoun a pedophile has, we’ll be too fucking tired to remember what we’re fighting for… Oh yea, the kids!

I did the best research I could on this data, but if all the research is BS, then we are surely kidding ourselves, by lying through silent omission of basic facts, we are creating the conditions for the very crime we want to stop. Results belie intentions by orders of magnitude. We aren’t that stupid.

Big pile of BS ref:

This issue is exactly like climate change and the war on terror, drugs SJWs or whatever. We are stuck in our own realities unable to solve the simplest and biggest problem, too many people and too many guns.

Free women, children, healthcare, education, illegal drugs, birth control and abortions instead of orphanages that traffic children to private for-profit armies.

Profile Videos

Female Pedos


Royal Pedos


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