The Booming Baby Blood Black Market

The story so far…

We got that piece of shit Majestic Ape publicly joking about “orphans and assholes” because that’s always so way fucking funny with his audiences. This talking human excrement also publicly jokes about the gender preferences of pedophiles. Both jokes are on video and online, right in front of all our faces. And still no charges, no investigation. So what do we do about it? We invite Alifantis onto Fox News so that million dollar baby, Megan Kelly, can suck his cock in front of a national audience. This is known in media circles as, “sticking it in your face.” It is a calculated show of force, a la psyops.

Tonic, a division of Vice, talks about the sinister implications of the baby blood transfusion craze. Why do I say baby blood? Because if rich assholes believe young blood is good for you, then the younger the better, n’cest pas? I wonder how fetal futures are doing?

The Crimes of the Clinton Foundation – Max Igan & George Webb

We also got Katy Perry, who used to be with turd talking Russel Brand, who likes to drape himself in children, and “accidentally” caress some young girl’s breasts on video, a la Joe Biden. Here, Katy likes to sing a love song using every Pedo code word in the book, and shove that shit right into our faces. The one thing I learned about eating shit sandwiches at work is that the server (boss) always wants you to smile and tell them how good it is. Notice the heart-within-heart sunglasses. See the pizzas painted on her fingernails? That’s because pizza is so fucking wonderful that rich and famous people can’t get enough of it. The watermelon she’s holding is a breed called “sugarbaby.” If you can stomach the Katy Perry video, watch it, she sings of how rich people like to get drunk and wake the next day to discover the child they thought was 10 years old was really only 2.

Like she says, It ain’t no big deal, because this is how we do.

YouTube Search: Russel Brand Pedophile

You can’t read a bunch of crazy obnoxious shit without an antidote, so here are the Mongolian Gypsies performing Crazy Horse.


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