Modern Political Machiavellian Pedophile History

If you are young read this! Save a life of pain for a little pain now.

Did you ever notice that when watching videos the pace of camera edits picks up with the music and your heartbeat into a crescendo that explodes into beauty. Ever notice how much better and irrationally exuberant you feel? The excited image edits trigger tension that blows up into a vast peace. My wife’s dad says, “It’s like hitting your thumb with a hammer, it feels so good when you stop.” Well, that’s tension for ya. This is how our media is used to control your emotions over political events. It’s gotten so bad that they talk to you like you’re in a Kindergarten flashback that triggers your KPTSD.

Slowly boiling a frog in water without it noticing is a myth, frogs will just hop out when warm, that’s how they survive. Humans on the other hand…? I’m not so sure.

By the time a child is 8 years old, they sit on a fireproof couch or chair and stare at video screens 8 hours per day. Video screens are only one of two things that can hold your eyes still for a few fractions of a second. I think the other is a candle flame. This chemically alters the normal waking state of your brain putting you in a suggestive state. The plastics and chemicals in our materials and plastics are causing humans to sexually mature at younger ages. Sometimes when I think I’m seeing a smaller beautiful woman from far away, I’m actually seeing a younger bigger kid uncomfortably closer than I thought. Creepy.

For 95% of human existence, women were married shortly after sexual maturity. Over a 100 years ago in United States people were drinking too heavily and the age of consent was younger than 16. Much younger. This caused a rise of the Temperance movement, the age of consent was raised to 18 and weed, booze and sex sales were outlawed. Eighteen is 2 years too high and making booze and sex illegal ought to be outlawed. This created a massive illegal demand that caused the birth of the modern day drug cartels. I believe sex at 16 has been normal throughout human existence. When booze, sex and drugs became criminal, crime syndicates became rich AND powerful, and took racketeering in politics to new heights and lows. Criminals started recording politicians with 16 year old girls to ensure complete and total criminal control of politicians. None of this is new.

None of what I just told you was an accident either. All this occurred just after a criminal cabal of private New York bankers took over the credit and currency of the American government of 1913. I believe these criminal bankers knew how to create profitable laws that would make lawyers, cops, judges and politicians rich and powerful through the creation of new crimes.

After World War II, these bankers wanted to get rich sucking the American taxpayer tit by hyping war in movies and television. These bankers were the very ones who hyped the peace and free love meme of the 1960s. Birth control provided them the opportunity to increase demand for criminal sex, and drugs, which were still illegal.

By the year 2001 these banks were teetering on collapse and they resorted to fake wars for profits which made bombing women and children in Iraq a safe bet. Pedophilia had already exploded on the newly coded pedo chat rooms around the world. By 2009, after it was discovered that baby blood will keep you young forever, pedophilia and child trafficking exploded.

This banking cabal originated in 16th and 17th century Europe when a sect of heretic Jews started a Synagogue of Satan (SS). This belief infected nearly half the Jews in Europe. They thought heaven was sin on earth. It kind of makes the Mormons seem normal.

It was about this time that the Catholic church got over its rules against usury and started borrowing from Europe’s Jewish bankers undoubtedly awash in the SS trend. Since a bunch of Cardinals prancing around in red capes tended to be gay, Machiavellian political pedophilia became all the rage. It was fun, daring and trying to be Pope was a deadly motherfucking cut throat game of thrones. This SS pedophile ring also spread into royal circles at this time, and has likely remained since. These are the same people who get rich burning trees and palm oil for our tax money and call it green energy.

We have to force politicians to stop fucking kids long enough to stop the wars, and concentrate on our planet’s survival. These SS Jews are hardcore hedonists who run our media, banking and political interests. They are making us pay taxes for wars to destroy life on earth while they go around fucking, killing and eating our kids.

There are 3 things I have no opinion on. They are Sandy Hook, Florida Club Killings and the Holocaust. But, I do care who is yelling about Fake News in the media. If someone has 3 crazy ideas, but one that makes sense, I listen to that person.  In the following video you will see an extensive list of all the SS Zionist Jews calling the Fake News shots. Real Jews who live in Israel hate these people. You can’t kill everybody who calls you about it because now the whole world knows, and you can’t kill the whole world, yet…

David Icke is bat shit crazy, but when it comes to Jewish Zionist bankers and Royal Pedophilia, he’s spot on. If one out of ten crazy ideas are extra good, then this guy must be really crazy.

Geena Davis explains what hyper-sexualisation of youth does do that youth and us.







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