Young blood is hot. Well really, it always has been. Child sacrifice has been going on around the world throughout human existence since time immemorial. But back in 2008, which to old people is like yesterday, some whiz-bang wunderkid discovered that injecting blood components from young mice into old mice made their dicks hard forever, well that’s not true really, but it did stimulate growth of neurons deep within their brains. The scientific community was stunned and shocked, which is a very common state for this community, being so conservative and all.

The study was published by Wyss-Coray in Nature Medicine in 2014. Immediately, emails flooded the author’s inbox. Alzheimer’s patients wanted infusions of young blood. So did numerous aged billionaires including Donald Trump. Old Elites were a quiver popping stiffies in their wheelchairs. The money and offers flooded in. Research exploded.

Amy Wagers, of Harvard, found that when given young plasma, old mice regained their stamina. On a treadmill, the treated mice ran for an hour, compared with only 35 minutes for untreated ones. Works for me!!! So, what’s an old billionaire to think? Young blood is hot blood.

This elixir of youth is not so much the blood itself, but the proteins found within the blood. They are the fountain of youth. These proteins are anti-inflammatory and go easy on our body’s cells, but as we age we release pro-inflammatory proteins that are pretty rough on our body’s cells. Bottom line…


So, will kids go missing from the streets? Do bears poop in the woods? Does the Pope smoke dope? If some 800,000 kids are missing each year in America, then at 80 pounds each, that’s 64 million pounds of kids missing each year, which one you sick puppies can figure out how many quarts of kid blood go missing each year? All the conditions for a black market of blood plasma donors are set, all you need are donors, and the younger the better. If I could explain to you how bad this is, I would, but that would involve a lot of inchoate expletives, like this… #^|#%^@$!!! The last thing we need is yet another motive for child sex trafficking.


The reason why internet censorship of pizzagate is so heavy handed is because all these silicon valley start up princes’ want to live forever, along with Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. If you ever meet a Hollywood sweet sixteen (?) lover like Kevin Spacey who doesn’t want to live forever, let me know. Let’s see now…?  Movie stars that want to live younger, longer? Nope, no motive there I guess, so why talk about it? Oh, to be young in Hollywood now, or even San Francisco.

We live in a hyper-sexualized media pedo culture that’s infected the scientific research establishment. Geeks wanna get revenge like for-fucking-ever. Do you remember when Dr. Frankenstein always sent Igor out for more bodies? Igor’s now one of the young princes of silicon valley. Or would that be Frankenstein? Hmmm…?  Who cares!!! It’s certainly not me!


I already explained the history of Machiavellian pedo-political history in my last post, which is well established in our ruling class. We’ve privatized war and fund the drug and sex traffickers who serve them. The commodification of hot young blood has exploded onto an already corrupted girl and boy trafficking monitoring system. The institutions that used to help boys and girls have now become the traffickers of boys and girls, exactly the same way televangelists became Satanic Superstars. I am atheist by the way. I wonder what effect CRISPR technology will have on young blood protein research? Aldous Huxley first combined child sex play and bio-technology in 1931, and it’s still a Brave New World after all.

Parabiosis : The pre-shitoric view from 2015.

The Truth About Male & Female Paedophiles – Paedophile Mothers  








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