Pedophiles: Mostly Men, Mostly Gay, Mostly Now

How Progressives And Regressives Maintain The Status Quo.

I cannot prove one statement about what percentage of pedophiles are gay. I also cannot prove by what percentage pedophilia has increased over 20 years. We got all kinds of research that can tell us what the temperature the earth was 800,000 years ago, but I doubt we can get a pedo-chart for the last 16 years. After years of exhaustive non-searching, I gave up after 20 minutes of googling it. But if I google what color dinosaur farts were 260 million years ago, I can get reams of research and indirect data inferring that they left a greenish tinge in the air. This is not a mistake.

I remember watching wrestling on TV when I was young. The interviews were highly anticipated and theatrical, and just like our fake media today, they had pretend bad guys and pretend good guys. It didn’t matter who’s side you were on because these guys were really on the same team, and not on our side, no matter which side that was. You, as a reader here, likely did not watch a lot of wrestling in your youth, but did you ever wonder who would root for the bad guy, an why? Bad guys root for the bad guys, and usually very quietly. You can’t bet the good guy wins if no one is taking that bet.

What does wrestling have to do with politics? Let’s not ask Jesse Ventura, and say we did.

The Young Turks have 3 million YouTube subscribers, big corporate backing, and are as fake news as the big boys. They peaked during the Bernie Sanders run, both in popularity and ego-centrism. The anchor videoed his own rage at his own flight delay as if it were news. The second anchor videoed her own sopho-moronic,, crap. They now have to tow the corporate line and insist pizzagate is only for people, all without presenting any evidence, targeting the developmentally challenged tween market.

Okay that’s fine, the TITs are for turds. But what about your snootier, intellectually pretentious writers like Chris Hedges, Les Leopold, or even the irreverent-reverend Chomsky? Peep, peep, not a tweet to be heard.

In my second last post there was a video that listed all the New York and Washington Synagogue of Satan (SS) Zionist Jews of the mass media. I am atheist by the way. But what about the progressive media? They also deny pedophilia and pedo-gate. All they want to talk about is fighting Trump.

I might be math challenged, but I don’t think… 1 + 1 = 0.

The whole world hates pedo-gate. The progressive media hate it, the regressive media hate it, the hi-tech media hate it. Only the alt-right youth Trumpeteers love it. I spent well over 20 years reading liberal progressive media every day of my life because I published weekly newspapers for a living. When Chris Hedges accused ivory tower liberals of abdicating responsibility, a fancy way of calling them assholes, little did he know he would pucker his own vocal chords on pizzagate today.

We are wirelessly wired up six ways to Sunday. If I even accidently think about buying a pizza, 20 minutes later an Amazon drone is dropping it off outside my door, along with instructions of where to pick up my organic pedo-tortillas. Why am I writing such crazy nonsense, better yet, why are you reading this? It’s not because of my wit, it’s because you have to pay about $100 / month for everything but the truth. I do not claim to know the truth, I only claim to openly talk about it. Comments are ignored. Tomorrow’s navel gazing exercise will be, why mostly now? That otta be rich.







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