Post Modern Machiavellian Pedo-Ops

Script Pitch: Getting Anal On DynCorp.

Do you remember back in the good old days when fighting was clean and sex was dirty? No!?  Well, how about the good ol’days when the worse news in the world was when the CIA got busted selling cocaine in LA for guns in El Salvador? Well now days Clinton runs her own private Disaster Capitalism program where the government causes disaster and she gets rich mopping up. So Saint Clinton is comfortable firing hellfire missiles at women and kids for money and profit while selling refugee child sex on the side.

Clinton and Obama are starving the people of Yemen right now to soften them up for clean up operations there. DynCorp has been running underage/pedo sex ops on our tax funded dime for tax funded private armies since at least 2002. The American Empire is a crime syndicate that will destroy life on earth. Oh sure, some bacteria may survive, but who the fuck cares?

Okay, so let’s say you’re ol’ lady Clinton, and you’re used to raping and killing children, then you discover that young blood may be the secret to the fountain of youth. I mean, what’s a poor girl billionaire to do if she can’t get her way? ANSWER: Make short ambidextrous retards* like Alifantis and Podesta Untouchable. Above the law. That’s why Media Matters prog guru is standing on the third step of the WH staircase beside princess honey bucks, so he can be taller than her. Isn’t Kanye West kinda short? I wonder if he’s right handed?

For a quick rundown and prognosis of DynCorp operations, there’s nobody better than this guy, in this video:

The Indomitable George Webb

Here’s the voat thread on DynCorp Underage/Pedo Ops in and outside the U.S.

There is a new motive for underage/pedo sex trafficking in the U.S. and that is the latest science of staying young, maybe even forever. Toke. Toke. Ahem! I imagine by the time young internet billionaires figure out how to live forever, they will have destroyed human bio-habitat, or what used to be called earth, our home.

Here’s an old post on human habitat:

Here’s a new post on forever young:

Imagine that you’re a 30 yo tech billionaire, who slurps from the fountain of youth by metaphorically or really drinking young blood. So you spend the next 30 years on your fountain of youth project. Perhaps you’re shy of child trafficking, so you set up pirate bio-hacking operations in Thailand, where kids are free for the taking – but you don’t want to know the details, so you outsource it. Wanna know something? I’m just making all this shit up on the fly, but why does it all sound so damn plausible? Because like Rachael Madcow says, This is it, this is the world you live in. This is your life.

I spent my whole life as a socialist only to watch the movement go up in the flames of sexual identity politics. I don’t give a crap about your sexual pronoun or what you fuck. We have to save kids and save the earth, your sex is not the centre of the universe. It’s like the fate of the earth hangs on the age of consent. What do you think Podesta’s Fish Four Teen photo means?

Oh yea, see the title? Sounds high falutin don’t it?

* Pedo Stats: shorter, less right handed, ten IQ points lower.

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