Pedophile Stereotypes

Getting To Know Your Enemy.

Is Pedophilia a sexual orientation, or a disease?

Are all pedophiles short, stupid, clumsy lefties?

Let’s ask an expert!

Doctor James Cantor is a pedophile expert from the University of Toronto who documented the follow physical characteristics of pedophiles.

  1. They are 300% more likely to be left-handed or ambidextrous.
  2. Their IQs are about 10 to 15 points lower. Like duh?
  3. They are more prone to childhood head injuries due to a natural clumsiness.
  4. They have less regional brain connective tissue than normal. Explains clumsy.

Now, just because James Alifantis and David Brock are short, stupid, clumsy pedophiles doesn’t necessarily mean they’re left handed. That would be stereotyping! It would be like saying all lefties are pedophiles. While that may sound right, it’s actually wrong.

Cantor says that pedos make up to 5% of the population (1 in 20) and that pedophilia is just another sexual orientation, you know like how fucking cows is just another sexual orientation. For guys, sexual orientation is just a fancy way of saying, “Point me to the nearest hole.”

Cantor says 33% of pedos like boys, 33% of pedos like girls, and 33% of pedos like both. Well that’s one pizza pie that divided evenly. Plenty for all. Don’t forget that over 60% of child rapes are committed by close family members. So when James defends himself by pointing out those Instagram photos are of his friends’ kids, he’s right, but that would make him like Uncle Pervy. And when James says he doesn’t “like” kids, he’s right, instead he lusts for them, how can you say you like kids when you rape them?

Cantor says only 50-60% of child rapists are actual pedophiles, the other 40% are just working out their anger issues. If child rape is just an anger issue, perhaps you should take up hate wanking.

The one point I do agree with Cantor on is that pedophiles have to be detected early and treated. Some of you may react angrily and think pedophilia is no laughing matter and nothing to joke about. And you are right, but there is no other way I can write about this.




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