Fake Russian News And The Toronto Maple Leaf Pedophiles

Prehistoric Pedophiles, Ritual Child Killers And The End Of History.

This Canadian News is brought to you from Russia with love and me, Robert Callaghan.

I am Canadian. I love my country, hate my country’s history and hate my government.

In Canada there is only one religion, The Great Canadian Religion Of Hockey. All Canadian religious services are held in Memorial Arenas across the country at 5am on Saturday mornings only in winter.

The Toronto Maple Leafs are Canada’s premiere money-making hockey franchise. The last time they won the Stanley Cup was in 1967. Our hockey religion is so deeply ingrained into our national fibre (Canadian spelling for fiber) that The Toronto Maple Leafs don’t need to win any hockey trophies, for the owners of the team to make shit-tons of money. You don’t have to be rich to go to a Maple Leafs game, but it doesn’t hurt. It’s expensive. I’ve known people who were born, had lived and died without seeing The Toronto Maple Leafs win the NHL championship.

So when I talk about The Toronto Maple Leafs and pedophiles in Canada, I might as well call Jesus a pedophile, it would be safer. But, several years ago, sixty-two brave Canadian kids came forward to accuse Canada’s Vatican High Hockey Arena of pedophilic activities, which eventually led to a smidgeon of Canadian justice to sprinkle down on all Canada. That Arena Holy of Holies was Canada’s Maple Leaf Gardens. They closed it down, it may be a condo or flea market now.

I’m nearly 60 years old. That’s old enough to remember a speech by American President George Bush Sr. when he compared the cultural diversity of America to a “thousand points of lights” over Washington’s skies. I never heard a more poetic speech since. This speech was world famous, especially that thousand points of light quote. In the run up to that historic line, Bush mentioned the different races and people who made up the fabric of the United States, but since he didn’t have time to mention everybody, he mentioned the ones that were deemed important.

One of the groups that Bush Sr. endorsed in that speech is called The Order Of Ahepa. The same order that hosted James Alifantis and Davey Brock in a gay nature retreat. It’s no mistake that James’ net avatar is Antinous, (ant-IN-us) an ancient Greek boy lover to the Emperor of Rome. This is the same order that Canadian Maple Leafs owner, George Stavos, was a member of.

Now you might say, Oh my God! Ancient history! Who cares? I’m here to warn you that there are spiritual cultural traditions out there that are actually older than history. Older than history? Yes, most of our religious ritual and holiday traditions date back over 10,000 years, before the great flood. Most people only know the great flood of the Bible. The geological science puts the flood at 11,600 years ago or 9,600 B.C. That’s why Egypt’s Great Sphinx was worn down by semi-holy Bob Dylan’s hard rain.

Child rape and sacrifice have been with the human race ever since there was a human race, way before history. I personally believe humanity has had this same good vs. evil battle long before now, at the height of a previously great and unknown civilization, that existed over 12,600 years ago.

It is known, that all human Great Flood legends say it was retribution for an angry God’s wrath over our ancient, arrogantly evil human ways. I believe the same current body politic of moral forces we see now, were in the actual exact same moral play we saw once before, just over 12,800 years ago, before the Dragon’s Comet tail swiped earth around 11,000 B.C… Or, it’s the same ol’ same 0′ morality play.

While child rapists have always been a certain percentage of the human population since before history, the incidence of child sacrifice would rise and fall over great periods of time. The two reasons for ritual child sacrifice are fear and greed. Child ritual killing rises during times of civil duress and good fortune. When times are tough, we kill the kids out of fear, when times are good, we kill the kids out of lust. Only Tasmanian Devils have worse family dynamics than humans, mostly…lol

If corporate communists like Obama and Clinton are willing to burn women and children alive in Syria every day, I don’t see how they have a problem with killing the local kids. When 911 happened, people couldn’t accept that American government would sacrifice their own people for war. This is exactly how our minds are controlled. We cannot believe how bad it is. We remain ignorant in bliss. We choose not to know. The deep state government does not control our minds, we do it ourselves, for them. Better for business.

I suspect that child sacrifice may have declined after the great flood of prehistory as word got out about the perils of child rape and sacrifice. I think child rape always has and will be with us, but either hidden in difficult times, or more open during times of plenty. The culture of child rape and sacrifice must ebb and flow in large cultural swings throughout our written and unwritten history, over time lines spanning generations.

There have likely been unrecorded child rape and sacrifice battles throughout our written history. All I know is that there lies, damned lies and cultural historians. I believe that if cultural child rape and ritual murder remain in the ascendant, earth will quickly die. But if the multi-generational cultural tide of child rape and murder recedes, the Toronto Maple Leafs might win the Stanley Cup.

Russia’s Putin said recently that devil worship was killing America. And that is why everything I just told you is the truth as I know it, and simultaneously Fake News. Because it depends on what the word, is is.

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