The Black Pedo Prez!

Obama Invades Africa For Pedophiles! Biden Adroitly Ambidextrous!

While VP Joe Biden’s been sticking his right finger up little girls’ asses, at the same time he swears her daddy in while holding the bible with his left hand, Obama has personally killed 4,600 people himself, by signing weekly death warrants for over the last 8 years. Most executees were burned alive by hellfire missiles fired from drones. He also paid ISIS to bomb civilian hospitals, schools, wedding parties and funerals. He can do this because Liberals love the colour of his skin.  His voice is like honey to besotted liberal brains pickled in the poisonous haze of identity politics. If Trump did what Obama did, they would hang him.

Identity Politics = Divide And Conquer

Identity Politics: noun, a tendency for people of a particular religion, race, social background, etc., to form exclusive political alliances, moving away from traditional broad-based party politics.

Liberal Progressive Clusterfuck

Is having a black man, a women, or a gay person in the white house more important than stopping the murder of women and children world wide?

Is your sexual pronoun more important than stopping the killing of women and children everywhere? Our country is starving millions in Yemen right now. Are you out on the streets protesting? Was your last twitter tirade a barrage on the Stop The Starvation meme?  There is no such thing as a meme. Memes aren’t fucking real. It’s like saying your farts are speaking to you, or in 5 minutes I’ll hear my ass repeat what I just said. You mentally revolt against me because I’m being unfair. Of course I’m being unfair, life is unfair.

What’s more unfair? Your sexual liberation, or not burning women and children alive? Of course being full-spectrum Omni-sexual is way more important to you. Of course you will get off your ass for Pride Day, but I’m pretty sure there is no such thing as Stop Burning Women And Children Day.

I am not asking you to change your beliefs, just your priorities.

Right now we are enslaving men for labour, with women and kids for sex slaves all over the whole fucking world.  Over half of all earth’s animals are gone. In 10 years the whole world will be fighting for food and water, while we prance about on the theatre stage of identity politics. Chris Hedges moans about the betrayal of the left, but he forgets to include himself, while he waits in deadly silence about pizzagate on the sidelines. As in, deadly for the kids, not him. If the so-called Liberal Progressive Mass Media cannot face Pizzagate or world child sex rings, then they are the problem. Silence Screams Lies.

Pizzagate, mass starvation and mass extinction are more important than sexual or racial politics. It’s women and children first, not white and black men first. We cannot praise a man who starves and burns women and children alive just because he’s black, or praise a woman who does it just because she’s a woman.  If a man can burn thousands of women and children alive overseas, what makes you think he doesn’t allow child fucking at home?

It’s called priorities. We are caught in the mirrored echo silos of our own device. The screen on your smartphone is actually just a sex mirror that holds the secret to our survival on earth. The rich want to use that mirror to help starve Kissinger’s “useless eaters”.

The first 3 priorities are equal rights for women, children and money. Money is the only thing that will open the wildlife corridors we need for animals to survive.

If James Hansen’s 100% private carbon tax dividends were provisioned by a new world e-currency, we would spontaneously unite rich-poor, black-white, world wide. We phase it in over 10 years.

It is only by admitting how truly terrible things really are, that we can fix them. I can’t say, oh things are really terrible for bees right now, but not give a fuck about sexual equality. I can’t say, oh things are really terrible for blacks right now and not give a fuck for income inequity. But, like that Pizza Slut Kate Perry sings, this is how we do.


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