It’s Too Good To Be True, Trump’s Here!

ūüé∂ Let The Bells Ring Out And The Banners Fly ūüé∂

Money, Social Media And The Prehistoric Moloch Machine

We are marrying a man today while on the rebound from a very abusive relationship. It’s not going to get better, but we’ll never admit it. So it’s normal at this point in our lives to ask, how did we get here? Before we answer how we got here, let’s look at where¬†‘here’ is.

You Are Here -> 

We have the¬†tools to save us and earth, but don’t know how to honestly wield them. Mass television media is dead, and centralized social media is already dying,¬†as new social media opens up. We already have the ability to let computer A.I. control a new open source¬†world e-currency based on 100% private citizen carbon tax dividends.

This means we publicly extract mineral energy from the earth and pay ourselves to use it wisely. We can solve inequity and unite humanity with expedited efficiency and conservation. Since we are currently not paying ourselves to drive less, more efficient cars only mean more cars get driven more.

Because we have 3 things, the internet, social media, and A.I., we have the means to save ourselves, but not the wisdom. This is because we like to keep our sex and wealth private. Bank secrecy laws are how the rich avoid taxes. Sex secrecy is how pedophilia takes hold. Right now bitcoin is used for weapons, drugs and sex. We cannot abolish that, but we can outweigh it with the sheer volume of moral goodness, using an open system of public currency and open social media.

Governing Tips By A Beautiful Blue Baboon

We have spent the last 100 years under the rule of law, and politicians enriching criminals by trying to legislate ethics and morals. By starting wars while making sex and drugs illegal, both politicians and criminals could got rich. We did this because we thought it brought about great public works, which it did, but it also brought great criminality. The more difficult the laws, the more money could be had by all. The internet has brought us the ability to change all that. We are destroying life on earth to have these phones, we might as well put them to good use.

We are not ruled by laws, we are ruled by money, we only invented law to fight fraud, but if every transaction can be publicly accounted for, we can finally reduce dependence on lawyers and their demon offspring, politicians. It’s like killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

Okay, that’s where we are, Now here’s how we got here.

How You Are Here <-

We can now move camel trains of information through the eye of a needle. Computers work because we know how to make electrons dance on rocks. But, 15,000 years ago humans (or human cousins) could make rocks dance on electrons. In Peru they could take 100 ton rocks and shape them like putty and move them like toy blocks in ways we cannot understand. Many ancient pyramids are so big, people thought they were mountains.

But something went catastrophically wrong. Some 12,800 years ago the earth got knocked into a nuclear-type winter. The Arctic ice increased so much, its gravity pulled on the Antarctic ocean, just like the moon pulls sideways on the oceans. This cataclysm seems to include everything from comets to super volcanos, but who knows?

There was a great ancient seafaring group of people back then who raced to Antarctica to survive the Arctic cataclysm. They mapped Antarctica while the seas were lower there. Many of our inland ancestors learned to survived in vast underground tunnels that ran from Ireland, Scotland, Europe to Turkey. Things looked bleak, we lived by killing off game animals and scavenging. Things were bad for nearly a thousand years, but then they got worse, and for many, a lot worse. I wouldn’t be surprised if child ritual sacrifices became a cultural phenomena. Although I never hit my current son, there have been times I could have killed him gladly. I still feel that way sometimes. Anyhow.

Around¬† 11,600 years ago all that ice that built up north melted about as fast as it fast as it froze. This caused the great flood of our bible. That flood likely wiped out most of the great seafaring people and finished off most of the ocean fishing villages that lie under the oceans of today. Our first great ancient civilization was wiped out, the majority of survivors lived inland under tunnels and caves. The survivors of earth’s first great civilization fanned out to the cavemen, of more than 7,000 years ago, to teach them how to farm and write.

Then about 3,100 years ago, what was left of the ancient sea people attacked Egypt and Greece causing yet another collapse. Rome collapsed again when their version of Trump became the first elected Emperor of Rome, Julius Caesar.

Machiavellian Anarchy: When Gooses Drink Juices Of Mooses, or is it when, Mooses Drink Juices Of Gooses?¬† I can’t remember.

When the Jews left Iraq over 4,000 years ago or so, and eventually moved into the Caucasian mountains, they returned to the old child fucking and ritual killing ways throughout the 16th century,¬†which started to spread, along with loans,¬†throughout the Churches and Royalty of Europe. And now here we are. The Moloch machine is down there, now let’s go get it.

You may wonder what qualifies me to tell you this, it’s simple, I’m an old guy who read Dr. Seuss as a child.







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