Old Pentagon Pedo Investigations Never Die…

They just fade away!

There were 5,200 separate pedo client incidents on pentagon computers back in 2005, with less than 2 dozen convictions, with only some two-thirds to three-quarters of incidences actively investigated. I wouldn’t call that a conviction rate, more like a reduction rate. Maybe Ben Swann can figure it out.

I think there’s a picture of Obama sadly shooing away a small drone as he leaves office. The Nobel Peace Prize winner who bombed women and children for 8 years in 7 countries. If you divide all 5,000 child porn incidents by the 5 sides of the Pentagon, that would be about 1,000 separate child porn incidents per side of the Pentagon, and 20 some convictions. At least when they can’t figure out where a trillion bucks went, we know it didn’t all go on drugs and guns.


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