The First 50 Seconds of the Forever War

Here’s my avatar BeezeleyBillyBub on Steemit  / Pizzagate

Here’s my avatar BeezleyBillyBub on Reddit / Conspiracy

I had an explosive meltdown on my last Reddit / Conspiracy post.

I’ve already been banned at Reddit / Collapse and Voat / Pizzagate, so I write this here.

My wife says I’m wrong about sex and insane, she’s always right about sex stuff, but I wouldn’t be insane if I didn’t think I were not. Or, something like that… Well, that’s insanity for ya! Gotta luvit!

When we attacked Vietnam and Afghanistan, the longer we stayed, the more we lost.

Vietnam won the drug war, Afghanistan won the pedo sex-gun-corruption war.

If you watch any of George Webb’s Braverman videos, you see the powerful getting rich destroying countries on the taxpayer dime. Old Pentagon pedo investigations don’t die, they just fade away.

The problem is that we have not brought democracy to them.

The problem is that they have brought evil and corruption to us.

Google ‘homeland security child porn’ or ‘police child porn’ and you’ll see what I mean.

Like Webb says, DynCorp is subversively and systematically taking down whole police forces through Machiavellian corruption methods. This is very, very important.

The age of consent should not be 18, it should be 16, so they can’t blackmail you for sex-under-18, then take you down the slippery slope of drugs, money, power and pedophilia. They bring cops down the pedophilia slope to take control of whole police stations.

Even our food is making us gay. You can see the video reference on my BBB Steemit account. The legal tranquilizers and legal pharma drugs are turning our fish and frogs into pacifist, sexually mal-developed idiots. When you combine drugs, pedo money and corruption with this, you can see how a whole civilization can go down.

So, for how long has this been going on? In my opinion, just after the opium wars and alcohol prohibition, which is the same time we raised the sex age from less than 14 up to 18. I can’t think of a better way to corrupt the political / power hierarchy of society.

Of course, my pet solution is initiate a 100% private carbon tax dividend, with zero for governments and corporations, and to refund that money in a new world e-currency to your phone. But, I think that for everything.

James Hansen and world biologists begged Green Peace / Tree Hugger types to stop opposing nuclear power. They told him to fuck off and die. This is stupid because if we lose nuclear skills, we will lose even more control of nuclear power than we have now, which is very little. The U.S. has 300 years worth of nuclear waste power, which means we can clean up the nuclear waste making it safe providing 3 centuries of low-carbon power.

Is this ideal? Fuck No! Survival isn’t a menu item. We don’t have choices here, we have to solve everything as quickly and efficiently as possible. In my last post, I explained how ritual child sex sacrifice developed in caves several thousand years ago. The powerful people who engage in this stuff, are the same people building billion dollar bunkers in New Zealand and stuff. They are way ahead of us on collapse. The rich know collapse is coming.

So, what’s the big deal about Saget? In this video, an expert abuse counsellor tells us how the television show Full House explains why CIVILIZATION IS COLLAPSING.

He does this from a secular view point as someone who has dealt with abuse for years.

You only have to watch the first 50 seconds of video to understand how profound this is.

I’m not renowned for being a sex expert, but this time I know I’m right.

The First Fifty Seconds Of This Video Is All I Ask.




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