The Pedo Dating App

How many conspiracy subjects are there? How do they overlap? The only conspiracy is our desire to imagine our life is larger than it is.
Man didn’t land on the moon. Big fucking deal.
The earth is flat because it’s hollow and filled with space lizards. Who cares?
Christians, Jews, Muslims and Rationalists are all crazy. What’s new?
Did you know when the soil gets dry, a bunch of amoeba bunch together to form a worm that worms its way towards light and moisture? Is life a chemical reaction or the will of God? Nobody knows, and that’s the conspiracy.
We pretend to know, we want our ideas accepted. Gays, pedophiles, racists, women, whitey, blacky, and everything inbetweeny. The conspiracy is the desire for the power of acceptance. It’s not too important what the conspiracy actually is, as long as its good and suitable to our disposition.
What conspires to delay my Conspiracy Dating App?
It’s the guys at work, it’s the international bellybutton worm hole navel gazing society. It’s betrayal, it’s everywhere, it doesn’t end or start, it just goes on and on and on. A good bull shitter is called a writer, a paid bull shitter is called a Troll. Memes are meaningless. The truth will set you free, if you can find it.
It’s a ludicrously pathetic descent of sublime ideals into the ridiculous. The pathos of bathos. It’s why we cannot solve the social equation of life. Life is a conspiracy, then you marry one and die.
The Crazy Mama Conspiracy
The Belief Conspiracy

One thought on “The Pedo Dating App

  1. Woody Woodworth says:

    I get a great deal of insight from your posts, read them all.

    This one I fully disagree. There are Actual Facts that can be Known. Truth is the Actual Matter of Fact Reality of this Earth experience. Yes, the Earth is provably FLAT, MOON LANDINGS Ha !, 911 no where near the Official Story.
    Dr. Judy Wood, DUSTIFIED is a new word.

    Here is one that should alter most anyone’s paradigm.

    Just ran across a YouTube video. There are No Forests on Earth. I prefer the one narrated by the woman that runs 1 hour 17 minutes.

    I am still with you.


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