Good Will Pedo Hunting

Pedophile Hunting Tips.

Hunting pedophiles has its own rewards. For every pedo you take down, you can rest assured that half a dozen kids have been saved. When taking down a child fucker, be sure not to prematurely kill them. You need to take time for a little reward fun with your pedo. You really have to be extra careful as a pedo hunter, because so many cops and Homeland Security guys own this action. Just google ‘homeland security busted for child porn‘ or ‘cops busted for child porn‘ and you’ll  see what I mean.

I’m a novice at pedo hunting, and I’m sure many of you net nerds out there have vastly more superior online stalking and hunting skills than I do. I suggest you pretend that you’re a hot preteen and start there. Unlike actual fishing, you’re sure to get lots of bites right away. Since I have absolutely no experience in pedo hunting, I’ve decided to write a memoir about in the near future. But, where did I start down this road? Here:

Evalion, is a YouTuber from Toronto. Since I was born in Toronto, I like her already. And since she’s Jewish, she can say all the anti-Jewish stuff she wants. It’s the same with being black, female or gay. Anyhow, she’s funny for someone so young.

I was watching her in the following video saying that the liberal media are pushing for pedophile acceptance with their usual ‘virtuous pedo’ and ‘pedophilia is a sexual orientation’ line of shit, when she knowingly said that you can see it all on Reddit in the AgePlay sub-reddit.

Caveat Emptor! AgePlay is a gimmick with fake rules about ‘pretending’ to have sex with underage kids. All the rules are bent, and the shit gets pretty fucking sick quick.

There are a lot of new terms to learn to be able to even peruse it properly. There’s ‘Daddy Dom’ which seems obvious. There’s PTHC, which stands for Pre Teen Hard Core, so if you google PTHC PORN, you should be well on your way. There’s also something called a ‘diaper’ fetish, which just fucking grosses me out. Then, there’s something called KIK, which I don’t even wanna know. Since I believe that even viewing child porn is illegal and totally disgusting, I don’t have the stomach to investigate.  But, the trail is still warm, and I leave it to you. Good luck, and good hunting.

Evalion Raises the Alarm About Pedophilia!

Here are the Reddit search results for Ageplay:


This video has nothing to do with pedophiles, but it’s just so fucking funny, I can’t stop laughing.

Evalion: How To Identify a Feminist


I can only watch this next video a few seconds at a time because I can’t stop laughing, so I hope she’s fine and everything will be okay. Okay, I’m over the hump, this is fucking sad. I hope she can figure out that prejudice/preference is normal and racism/sexism is not normal.

Evalion is being persecuted by the Canadian government for thought crimes


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