My Hate Crime Sex Speech!

Long live the SS of Satan’s Synagogue, The Young Turks, Secular Talk & Justice Democrats.

What is a hate crime? That’s like asking what is a love crime? All crimes are hate crimes. Hate crimes are just affirmative action for reverse racism. Paint a swastika on a synagogue, that’s a hate crime. Burn women and children alive with hellfire missiles, that’s a love crime.

Obombya has personally burned alive 2,600 civilians in 7 countries over 8 years, and dropped 65 bombs every single day in 2016, all this while we keep silent about pedo sex trafficking, at the same time we scream for our own sexual liberation and bathroom rights. Where were the women marches for the burnt women and children we hit overseas?

I love God and hate churches. I do not believe life after death, and I pretty much would like to destroy all churches, if they weren’t so beautiful. I believe in freedom of speech, and I would love to burn all bibles, except for the old ones.

I am a 60 year old pot smoking, organic pacifist hippy with a wife. I never cared what people believe. But that was when I didn’t know that all beliefs are 100% corrupted by evil, no matter how true are those beliefs. Before this year, I was never 100% committed to even the idea of evil. Now I’m 1,000% committed to the idea of evil.

I check out all my long time favorite progressive websites, and I see them all carrying on as if an elite world-wide pedophile ring does not exist. Blood money for silence. I’m glad that Soros & Co. can afford millions to shut progressive media up, stay calm & continue bashing Trump. Our only hope is that Trump is not as stupid as Clinton/Obombya are evil.

You cannot write, or talk about LGBTQ rights, and renewable energy – and remain silent – while our country burns women and children alive with hellfire missiles, and while we traffic children for sex, health or ritual slavery for the rich.

I am a goddamned white male, I don’t give a flying fuck about your fucking sexual rights as long as we allow the rape, torture and burning of kids to continue while we stay silent. We can only fix one thing at a time and that’s women and children first, not feminists and cucks first. I’m going to blast this simple basic message all over the bullshit sphere. That’s how much I hate your silence.

Make no mistake, there is no other motive for my hate speech crime than pure hatred, because I know that my words will change absolutely nothing. I feel guilty writing them because they only change my mind for the better, and nothing else. So I’m going to cut and paste these words on all the so-called media-critical websites I know, and they are legion.

When so-called progressive media warn about Fake News, you know the time is up. All news is evidence based, whether true or fake. That includes Tubby ‘n Titties on TYT and Testicular Talk’s Kunty Kyle Kulinski, both of whom blithely describe the overwhelming abundance of pizzagate evidence as insanity. If Muhammad Bernie Sanders can’t go to the DNC mountain, then the mountain comes to Muhammad’s Justice Democrats! What a fucking sick joke. Don’t we ever get tired of being continually mind fucked?

To paraphrase Titties of TYT, “I think all women who voted for Clinton, are fucking dumb, and yeah!, I’m fucking better than you!”

Thank you.

Sex Hate Crimes


One thought on “My Hate Crime Sex Speech!

  1. Woody Woodworth says:

    Great Post, I think it was MLK that said the Universe bends towards Justice. It really is hard to grasp, Why evil appears to be running away with the ballgame.

    I appreciate your posts, thanks for doing something, rather that nothing.

    I was blown off my rocker last week by a YouTube video titled:

    There are no Forests on Earth !

    I prefer the English voice-over by a woman, runs 1 hour 17 minutes. Give it a look.


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