PizzaGate – The Useful Idiot’s Guide

Dr. James Cantor of the University of Toronto is a pedophile expert.
Here’s what he’s found.
► Pedophiles are 300% more likely to be non-right handed.
► Pedophiles are shorter than the average person.
► Pedophiles have an I.Q. that is 10-15 points lower than average.
► Pedophiles have much less inter-regional brain connective tissue.
► Pedophiles are clumsier than average resulting in early childhood head injuries.
► Pedophiles are up to 5% of the population, 1 in 20.
► Pedophiles – 33% like girls
► Pedophiles – 33% like boys
► Pedophiles – 33% like girls & boys
My running joke is that just because James Alefantis and David Brock are both short, stupid, clumsy pedophiles doesn’t mean that they are necessarily left handed, that would stereotyping. But, at what point do coincidences become too much?
Pizzagate’s Six Degrees Of Separation
Six degrees of separation is the idea that any “friend of a friend” statement connects any two people in just six steps.
If you consider all the evidence for suspected pedophiles that surrounds Clinton and Podesta, then 6° looks more like 2° of separation. Epstein, Silsby, Alefantis, Majestic Ape etc. etc. The links between pedophiles are too statistically anomalous to be mere coincidence.
There are very likely more pedophiles in this story than you have known in all your life. It seems that the we have 0% proof but 1,000% circumstantial evidence. A thousand points of circumstantial evidence, does not a proof make.
More people believe in life after death than pizzagate not because of evidence, but because they WANT to believe in life after death. Nobody wants to believe in pedophilia. The Illuminati do not control our minds, we do it for them. That is why they can throw pedophilic references in our faces throughout the media, and still we refuse to believe it.
Pedophilic Machiavellian Politics
The pedophile pursuit of Machiavellian politics is self-evident.
Watch any George Webb video that describes how police stations are infiltrated top-down via pedo blackmail.
Political Machiavellian pedophilia spread throughout Europe during the 17th century and infiltrated Europe’s churches, royalty and banking circles.
The Progressive Trumpian Wall of Silence
I used to think Konspiracy Kooks were all right-wing nuts until I saw all my favorite “progressive” websites build a Trump-like wall of silence on the issue. I just got banned from Reddit for posting pedo articles.
Posting Tip: Always select all and copy your text before hitting the post button.
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