Young SJW Betas Are Our Last Hope

I identify as a progressive, pacifist, socialist. So don’t forget that after you read this. I’m on your side, you just don’t know it yet.

If you are NOT an Alpha male, you are commonly called a Beta personality. There’s an alpha asshole on YouTube called Mark Dice. He’s a racist, right wing nut bar, but he does have a satirical streak a mile deep and a mile wide. When he pokes fun at progressive youth, I can’t help but laugh.

SJW is the pejorative term for progressives who believe in racial harmony, social and economical equity – all the usual pie in the sky stuff that flies in the face of reality. They believe they are winning their war because that is what the progressive media tells them. That’s also why they were left in tears on election night while Killary stayed in her room to get soused. I’m 59 years old, so although I’m progressive, I’m also old enough to know we are losing. I’m not young enough to believe in the promise of trans-human, trans-genic, carbon negative technologies.

You may wonder why I post so many videos on my blogs. It’s because I just figured out that young people don’t read books anymore, and why should they? When I was young we had one television station and one radio station. If it weren’t for books, I would have lost my mind a lot sooner than I have already now.

SJW beta types hold the fate of nearly all life on planet earth in their hands. The same hands that twiddle x-box controllers all day, are the same hands that have the slightest chance of saving earth and humanity. If they can widen their focus, they can change everything. I still don’t think we have a snowball’s chance in hell, but at least I’m not totally without hope. Here’s what we got to work with as per Mark Dice.

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1966, How Baby Boomers, Music & LSD Brought Us To PizzaGate And Bohemian Grove


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