The Collapse Confusion


The earth’s magnetic poles are starting to flip. Scientists say don’t worry, it will take a 1,000 years, but that’s not what the trouble is all about. When poles flip, there is increased seismic activity.

When ice melts at the poles, it sends water mass to the equator. The loss of polar ice causes a rebound that also increases seismic activity which will be aggravated by the seismic activity of magnetic pole flip. All 4 of Iceland’s volcanos are now acting up. This mass transfer of ice includes floating ice, which transfers enough melt water mass to equatorial regions to affect the spin rate of the planet earth. The weight of polar ice has a gravitational effect on the oceans that pulls them towards the poles just like moon affects the tides. Sea level rise will likely accelerate more in equatorial regions as a result of all polar ice loss. Who knows what unintended consequences this will have on seismic activity?

There have been recent large seismic pulses from the Atlantic ridge rippling across the U.S. The Atlantic ridge can cause a massive underwater landslide that will send a tidal wave like never seen in recorded history. This massive tidal wave will reach New York City and Boston in just over 6 hours.

Fukushima has been poisoning the whole fucking Pacific ocean now for 5 years and is extremely under reported. Fish catches off the Alaskan coasts have dropped 70% in the last year. The oceans absorb 94% of the heat caused by the sun and global warming. That means when the earth’s average temperature rises a couple of degrees, the great plains will heat up several degrees more. This will cause widespread crop losses.

In the next 20 years, the populations of wildlife will decrease by 50%, with many animals hitting virtual extinction points, meaning they are too far apart to mate. The idea that drone bees will pollinate plants is a big fat fucking lie. The idea that we will live on Mars is a big fat fucking lie. Artificial biospheres are chaotic, unpredictable and riotously beyond control of our current science.

In the next 20-30 years all the solar and wind power devices will have reached the end of their lifecycles and need to be replaced all over again, but energy demand will be higher than ever as post peak oil requires more fresh water and energy to yield a net positive. But, drinking water demand will exceed supply by 40% in 10 years.

The CIA is trying to weaken the president of the U.S.A. The high tech community has found that frequent blood transfusions from children help them stay young. In 2015, FBI Assistant Director Joseph Campbell told the BBC that a child sex epidemic is sweeping America. You may recall, that you never heard that news reported. Silence is fake news. But the FBI is wrong, child trafficking is sweeping the whole western industrial world.

Why is child trafficking so rampant? Because most of the youth of the world live in South America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Most of the old rich people live in North America and Europe. In fact, some traffickers worry that child sex and organ harvesting will give child blood trafficking a bad name, because the demand for child blood transfusions is going crazy.

So when you ask a climate scientist, will climate change wipe out the human race?, he will answer no, because outside of climate, he doesn’t have a fucking clue what’s really going on. Climate change is almost meaningless within the contextual arc of collapse. Collapse is not about civilization and climate, it’s about the absence of higher life forms on planet earth.


So Sarah Silverman hates Trump pussy grabbing but won’t say no to the sexual advances of kids? So am I to infer that there’s good kid sex and bad kid sex? So the world is collapsing under the weight of the poor kids in Africa and Asia, which makes it okay to traffic kids from there to here, for sex, organs and blood transfusions, but not rape? I’ve heard of sexual and gender fluidity, but this is a little over my head. Maybe now that youth is a trade commodity, we should sort this out before civil war breaks out. Collapse is the conspiracy of human nature. The collapse will be televised as porn. Collapse Porn is like saying Wet Drink.


You can learn more about the political side of collapse here:

I go by the name of Doobeyhoser on reddit and voat.


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