ANTI-COLLAPSE  How Money Moves You

☣☠ϟ ANTI-COLLAPSE  How Money Moves You ϟ☠☣
More To Art Than Meets The Eye Is Money Murder
I was part of back to the land movement, the commune soon became a sexual power exploitive hierarchy, as all social systems do. The founder sold out to something corporate and evil just like Mother Jones and modern progressive propaganda.
The way you use self-interest is in the way you define currency as a social objective. It’s not hard to understand or do. It is the social inflection leverage wedge that will save us.
This is done using a world cashless open source e-currency payable to 100% private carbon tax paying citizens with 0% to governments and corporate who will be limited to only national currencies. This is phased in over 10 years to ease the transition to an anti-war, carbon economy.

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