There are just 2 rules in life.
# 1 The rich rule.
# 2 You don’t.
Child blood trafficking is now more important than child sex trafficking. All the poor children are over there in Africa, South America and Asia. There are not enough poor children here. Maybe that’s why the left want more immigrants here. Ask any Wile E. Coyote.
They work for nothing.
They fuck for nothing.
They die for nothing.
We burn woman and children alive over there with our tax money.
We traffic the survivors here for sex and blood money.
We pimp both MSM and Alt Social Media ASM to fake news us.
There is no green energy fountain of youth nirvana.
There is sadistic sexual child blood trafficking.
If we do not stop this, earth will die along with billions.
They want this because they think they will win.
Never under-estimate human stupidity about faith and death.
They must destroy the middle class here to facilitate child blood and sex trafficking.

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