Hive Mind Collapse

Real Time Collapse Tue Mar 7 9 am

The World Economy Can’t Handle Even One US Rate Hike – CNBC

UK Housing Benefit Cuts ‘Put Young People At Risk Of Homelessness’ (G.)

America Has Locked Up So Many Black People It Warps Our Sense Of Reality

War-Scarred Syrian Children May Be ‘Lost To Trauma’

The Everything You Need to Ace series is like borrowing notes from the smartest kid in class

America Is Facing a Dangerous Enemy. We Just Can’t Agree Who It Is

Google’s Algorithms May Feed You Fake News and Opinion as Fact

How America Became a Colonial Ruler in Its Own Cities

Too Frightened to Change a Hated Order

Boom in solar panel construction causing explosion in release of this potent greenhouse gas that’s 17,000 times worse…

The ugly truth about medicine in America

Big Brother In America Is Now The U.S. Media

Gates To Hell The Earth Is Giving Us Ominous Signs Of Change

When snow and ice melt at the poles, that mass is forced to the equator and slows earth’s spin, the poles rebound from the weight loss of that mass and causes volcanos and earthquakes to appear. But this is happening at the same time that the earth’s magnetic field weakening at a faster and faster pace. This magnetic pole flux aggravates volcanos and earthquakes. The extra ocean mass heat of water at the equator will cause extreme coastal damage due to super-monster storms, where we grow most of the food in the tropics. The continental interiors, where we grow most of our grains, will heat up much faster than coastal regions to run dry of fresh groundwater sooner, while at the same time, our demand for water increases. This is called “a very bad thing”.

The farming of GM crops is way different from traditional farming of just 20 years ago. The plants are designed to withstand more chemical poisoning which destroys soil ecology to degrade and dry the hotter soil. This dry soil is lost quicker to flooding and harder rains, while blowing away quicker in hot dry summers. Not even bees can survive where we grow our grains. The soy and corn oils are burned in cars. We also make this soil and corn into dangerous processed foods that wreck our guts, confuse our sex and destroy our brains. We sit in rooms to watch nature on television.

Nature is far away and dying, and we don’t even understand it to be true. We are in a pageantry of doom, and blinded by the sheer splendor of it all. We are getting stupider, the people of 15,000 years ago were way smarter than us. We are literally becoming too stupid to live while entering the most dangerous times of all human existence on this planet. Please up-vote. I’m white fragile.



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