PIZZA POWER – Where To Find Pedos, IMDB !!!

Cartoons, where else?

IMDB rates television show, Rick and Morty # 8 all time. This is a grown up pedo perv toon with only one instance of pizzas ordering humans over the phone. No-o-o… It’s way more subtly obvious than that.

IMDB chat’s deep state six.

The off book BIG Ponzi scheme will hit this summer.

More pizza flag ops.

Britain doesn’t wanna charge “low-level, non-offending child porn viewers.” Which is retarded.

Their society sham wham thank you ma’am pedo justice show will mock the very foundations of Brit social structure.

This alt-right populist movement will not be stopped 4 more years, maybe.

The elites will NOT give us pedo justice, it has to be taken from them, we have to figure out how.

I suggest a new world carbon dividend currency to force their hand.

Power is like holding the snarling wolf by the cheeks so it can’t bite you right away.

It’s taken by non-violent force, it is only given grievously and temporarily.

Now that they want child blood, they figure brown kids are like free for the helping.


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