The Mass Media Extinction Collapse

The oceans absorb 94% of the sun’s heat.
The Arctic is warming up to 5 times faster than anywhere else.
Fukuhima is costing 2X as much and taking 2X longer.
The 2020 Olympics are in Japan.
3-6 robots were lost to radiation there in 6 years, most recently in reactor 2.
Reactor 3 is worse than reactor 2. 2 is the one we can’t get near.
The human workers are mob run human trafficked homeless and poor people sacrificed without mass media acknowledgement anywhere. They do the dirtiest work, while elites stay back.
The Pacific Ocean Decadal Oscillation, each phase 10-20 years long, is going into a positive phase, which means the oceans are going to spend the next 10 years heating up life on land, because land heats up 2X faster than oceans, this is like fire jumping into the frying pan.
Most of that land is on the top side of the planet, where snow and ice spent the last 15 years melting away. Even the groundwater disappearance shows up lower on gravity measurements. The disappearance of groundwater, snow and ice has weakened the earth’s gravity in these areas on earth.
We are still feeling the echo of earth’s rebound from the last ice age. This rebound effect shows up as volcanoes and earthquakes. The rebound is generally very slow, but with unexpected fits and hiccups. Don’t forget that all this is happening while our magnetic poles are in flux, which means magma currents are in flux.
Will weaker gravity accelerate the rebound effect of rapid snow and ice loss over the top part of earth? Will this show up as increased seismic earth top events?
Fukushima is expected to take 50-100 years to fix, but humanity will go hungry within 20 years as groundwater and soft rains disappear, and our soil dries, dies and blows away.
Things are coming to a head for humanity, which is ironic, because we are just getting past our pride enough to understand our true origins during the last catastrophic event of 12,800 years ago. A very advanced human civilization first collapse back then, and it’s taken us 10,000 years to build civilization up to collapse again in the next 10 to 20 years.
So, between now and the 2020 Olympics, corporate social media will double down on bullshit, which is really saying something. If you’re still convinced that the twin towers fell straight down in 10 seconds because of an itty bitty airplane, then you are forgiven.

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