Planet Ape Herd Lizards

When the first mammals ventured out into daylight, after the dinosaurs died off, the surviving lizard people had to learn to herd mammals instead of dinosaurs. Those mammals eventually became us. We were little more than rats back then, so they bred us to be just strong and smart enough to not be too dangerous.
After numerous crustal terrain disasters over millions of years, they felt safer under the seas and earth. So they left us on top of the surface to proliferate and breed for their harvesting. We are their prey. I imagine the next crispr gene hack trend will be lizard eyes.
Some of these intelligent bipedal lizards who bred and herded us got the idea to breed us to make us smart enough to do all the work as slaves. We are the ape matrix of our lizard herding masters.
This is a low probability high risk hypothesis, but what if I were right? If so, we were probably designed to be too smart and we made off with their stash of real good dope. Maybe they designed us to be just violent enough for them to scavenge off of without notice. So they’re often hanging with priests and caretakers.
And now when we do their dope, we go through the cosmic twat and rat the lizards out to the universal mind. This really pisses the lizards off, and its time they culled the herd anyway.
Tomorrow’s St. Patrick’s Day, my Irish father’s birthday, he loved bullshit, you just basically discounted 50% of everything he said. Just like some of the stuff in these videos, but did you know that Jimmy Page was a huge Aleister Crowley fan?
Space Dope
Cosmic Twat Of The Universal Mind

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