Collapse Soliloquy No. 2

Vesica Piscis A.I.*: The Cosmic Twat To The Universal Mind

Jimmy Carter says our lack of confidence in the future is preventing our survival. He’s right, but people don’t lack confidence because of nothing,

Without confidence in collapse BAU, we will kill earth with green wishes. Don’t you wonder why the elephants are pissed at us for taking all the space, because we are too stupid to give free birth control to Africa.

We can’t survive unless we perpetuate the war on science, but science is the new religion. People don’t trust their government, institutions and corporations. This opens the door to instant open source democracy. Ain’t gonna happen without tearing down institutional failure before collapse. If not, that collapse won’t be peaceful.

I can imagine a Yuge Free FEMA concert in the Bahamas if angry youth don’t get it. No one cares about you unless you are willing to sacrifice. It’s just a matter of what, not if. Many young’ns don’t remember the ME generation, but without the YOU Generation of Open Financial Reality, there won’t be no next ME generation. I can imagine believing in everything I write and say, but I don’t do that. To double down on going for broke, you always think it is for our own good. This is what Anthropologists call,  “A Thing.”

  • not the fishy blind man’s beaver one, but the Artificially Intelligent Universal one**
  • ** AIU as in cryptic tales thereof.



Saturday’s March Collapse

Today’s the big anti-Trump march disguised as a pro green march. Naomi Klein likely flew down to attend the event. How many celebrities will fly there to march for the planet? It must be nice to be so important you can fly to all these green events.

NY Times hired a hippe puncher to give climate obstructionists cover

Why I cancelled my @nytimes subscription – Stefan Rahmstorf

Climate Change and Its Effect on Man-Animal Conflict

Huge Arctic report ups estimates of sea-level rise, prompts warnings that the polar region is ‘unravelling’.

Canada is now the world’s leading ‘deforestation nation’.

U.S. Drops to No. 43 in World Press Freedom Ranking

In One Year, Opiates Killed 10X as Many Americans as ALL Terror Attacks in Last 20 Years

Why are we ignoring the rise in male infertility?

ISIS Apologized To Israel For Attacking IDF Soldiers

Germany Knew Austerity Would Destroy Greece

Decline in consumption leads to slowest US economy growth in 3 years

Police pin teen to ground, beat him with baton in shocking footage (VIDEO)

As Forests Disappear, Human-Elephant Conflict Rises

Brazil’s Forest Sheriff Has Been Fired

Impact of High-Severity Fires On Conifer Forests

Sea Levels Can Rise 6 Feet By 2100

Most of the plastic in the ocean is headed to the Arctic

Trump okays marine sanctuary oil drilling


Friday’s Collapse Links

1.2 million children in the US have lead poisoning. We’re only treating half of them.

An EWG analysis of federal data from nationwide drinking water tests shows that a carcinogenic chemical called chromium-6 contaminates water supplies for more than 200 million Americans in all 50 states.

Elephant tranquilizer makes lethal entry into opioid crisis

We’re At The Threshold Of War…The Choice Is Not Up To Us Anymore


Climate change deepening Horn of Africa’s hunger crisis, Oxfam says

Climate Change Increases River Flow Volume, More Floods & Droughts Elsewhere


Thursday’s Collapse Links

The Crazy Scale of Human Carbon Emission – Scientific American Blog Network – Humans emit 40 billion tons of C02 per year, which is equal to burning 10 billion acres of forest per year, which is about 30% larger than all Africa.

Environmental Rules Played Minor Role in Coal’s Decline

Europe’s meat and dairy farming vulnerable as climate change worsens water scarcity

Broadcast Media’s Deafening Silence as Hundreds of Thousands March in Defense of Science

Climate change is making algal blooms worse : In some places, they found the bloom season to now be more than a month longer than it was in 1982.

Millions of Colombians at risk to climate change -minister

Famine ‘catastrophe’ in East Africa proves why world must tackle climate change, says Oxfam

As land conflicts rise, clean energy investors face financial risks

Aging Enbridge pipeline has spilled 1 million-plus gallons of oil in its lifetime, report finds

India will not be able to meet its Paris climate agreement commitments in the coming years if it carries through with plans to construct nearly 370 coal-fired power plants, according to University of California, Irvine.

Global Warming Triples Extreme African Storms

Wind, Rain Ruffle Migratory Birds’ Breeding

Mysterious spike in humpback whale deaths on Atlantic Coast

Antarctica’s Biodiversity Loss

Extreme Sea Level Rise And Risk To U.S.

Plans to drill for oil over newly discovered coral reef scare scientists

American climate refugees could flee inland

Canada’s Housing Bubble Explodes As Biggest Lender Crashes

Massive Explosion Near Damascus International Airport Following Israeli Airstrikes

Paul Craig Roberts Warns “Trump Now A Captive Of The Deep State”

“We Can Save Life on Earth”: Study Reveals How to Stop Mass Extinction – LSD for the soul

US Has Blood on Its Hands in the Deaths of Tens of Thousands of Children In Syria

A child in Yemen dies every 10 minutes as humanitarian aid funding falls short

U.S. Signals Greater Involvement In Saudi-Led War In Yemen

UK Parliament fails to tackle financial secrecy in its overseas territories

The Government Seems to Have Disregarded the Immense Dislocation That Demonetisation Caused

Desperate Families Driven to Black Market Insulin

The Looting Machine Called Capitalism

The cost of economic inequality to the nation’s physical health

Bill Nye’s political science show is destructively divisive. We are at war with life on earth and ourselves, now is not the time to focus on promoting divisive sexual politics and Monsanto. – Survival of life on earth is not a pick and choose political menu item. We have to reduce human population, so we need abortion and birth control and sexual equality. We have to reform our political economy based on survival, not ideology. Radicalizing divisive politics in the name of survival is exactly what collapse is.

We have to radicalize not race or creed, but all human thinking. GM was told not to build cars during WW2, we are witnessing the political battle to force upon us immoral ideological fascist police actions based on race, inequality and creed, at the expense of planetary survival.

George Soros And Monsanto Take Over The World

View From The Religious Right – Helpful?

The Gender Spectrum Dispute


The Collapse of Aratta 7,600 Years Ago

Many who study archaeology of ask how could the ancient Sumerian culture arisen so quickly? It seems like, Wham!, 5,000 years ago, they suddenly developed writing and agriculture within the blink of an eye. How did this happen?

There is now evidence of proto-Sumerian pictographs on the north shore of the Black Sea near Odessa in the Ukraine. This script is 22,000 years old and is associated with burial mounds found there. Tibetan monks make pilgrimages there because they recognize that area as their cultural birthplace. Vedic texts written in Sanskrit speak of Aratta. Even the Sumerian legends speak of it. Oddly enough Aratta is the birthplace of the Swastika and Yin-Yang symbols. This area is home to numerous large prehistoric cities of more than 10,000 people.

It seems Aratta was largely wiped out by the flooding of the Black Sea some 7,600 years ago when the Mediterranean sea broke through the Bosphorus Straits. After the cataclysmic collapse events of 12,800 and 11,600 years ago, this must have felt like the final straw. Although Aratta’s culture was largely matriarchal, they did perform child sacrifices for their burial mounds. They also recognized a bio-geological harmonic energy not recognized in the west, but generally accepted by Russian physicists.


Wednesday’s Collapse Links 170426

Chinese Stock Market Roller Coaster Looks To Be Back In Full Force

Retailers Are Going Bankrupt at a Record Pace

Refugee Centers In Greece, Italy Overwhelmed

Amnesty Calls For Shutdown Of Greece’s Elliniko Refugee Camp

Cataclysm Robert Gore

ISIS Is Falling Apart: “May Lead To More Terrorism Across The Globe”

Antarctica’s Biodiversity Loss

India’s Outsized Coal Plans Upset Climate Goals

Climate Change Predicted to Change Nile Flow

Warming slowdown dismissed by top scientist

Climate change is rapidly pushing the Arctic into a less stable state

Heat records now more likely for about 80% of observed area of the globe

Air pollution from Canada’s oil sands may be 400% higher than reported

Wet is deadly, new extinction study says: Major increases in environmental moisture occurred just before major extinctions and the timing matched the collapse of glaciers and permafrost

Global warming is sharply raising risk of ‘unprecedented’ weather events.

Extreme Arctic Melt Is Raising Sea Level Rise Threat; New Estimate Nearly Twice IPCC’s

Global warming is accelerating toxic ocean algae growth

Extinction risk for many species vastly underestimated, study suggests

American Imperialism L

eads the World Into Dante’s Vision of Hell

South India’s Drought Part 4

University of California is paying excessive salaries and mishandling funds

Workers who really do ‘support our troops’ are getting their wages slashed

Obama Starts Cashing In Directly For Bailing Out Wall Street

Obama’s $400,000 Wall Street speaking fee



COLLAPSE: The Top 10…


Mars1 eco-collapse from radioactive air burst 250+ million years ago,
Mars source uncertain.

Earth 5 big extinctions : million years ago = mya

Earth – Ordovician 439 mya

Earth – Devonian 367 mya

Earth – Permian 245 mya

Earth – Triassic 208 mya

Earth – Cretaceous 65 mya

Civilization – 12,800 years ago, possible solar mega flare.

Civiliziation – 11,600 years ago, possible comet tail hit.

Civiliziation – 3,194 years ago, bronze age sea people attack.

Civiilization – 3 to 30 years from now, us.

That’s 10, so let’s KIK it up to 11 or more!

Did life on Europa or its sibling moons collapse already before us? Or, yet to come?