Collapse Daily 2017-04-04

Pimping my ass.

Living Standard Will Fall Without Productivity Boost, Warns IMF

40-50% of America is in poverty, so 20-30% of America worry about food. USA USA USA …

67% Of Low-Income Americans Worry A Lot About Hunger, Homelessness

The deep state doesn’t work for the good, it works for the rich.

The Deep State Now Works For The ‘Good Guys’

The Good Guys Are The Bad Guys – every bad guy tells the good guy, “We’re a lot alike.”

New Evidence Undermines EU Report Tying Refugee Rescue Group To Smugglers

The matrix is comprised of video screens. This is bad for your eyes, hard on your ass. This means our kids will look like pickles using spindly arms’n legs with dead brain eyes.

The Vanishing Art Of Seizing The Day

Bored Pandas

This Photographer Photographs Farm Animal Like No One Else


Lexicty: The first and only comprehensive index for ancient language resources on the internet.


Behold the New Vantablack 2.0, the Art Material So Black It Eats Lasers and Flattens Reality

AltAsian Fax

China’s ‘bad banks’ thrive as alternative lenders


US Military Should Get Out of the Middle East


Putin Derangement Syndrome Arr

Thought Wankz

So if the pineal gland is the mind’s eye to the cosmic twat, then we are of earthly intelligence mired in human stupidity.

The human-salamander hybrid

You don’t have to actually believe in a flat hollowed earth, filled with flying space dinos explicitly, you only have to understand it as a metaphor, to understand cultural collapse.

Anal lysis

English and math waz never the best thingz I waz of.

Tomorrow Maybe

Is math the language of the universe or is language the language of the universe?





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