Collapse Daily 2017-04-06

IMF Explains How To Subvert Resistance Against Elimination Of Cash

Precursors to the ’08 Crisis are Repeating Now

Toronto House Price Bubble Goes Nuts

China Is More Fragile than You Realize

Policies believed to stabilize the financial system may actually do the opposite, study finds

FOMC Admits The Stock Market Is A Bubble, Along With Many Other Asset Classes

Vital groundwater depleted faster than ever
Global use of irreplaceable groundwater is exhausting the supply so fast that researchers say it will drive up food prices and hit international trade.

In Brazil’s Atlantic Forest, conservation efforts drown in a sea of eucalyptus
We now pretend eucalyptus and palm oil plantations are natural forest cover.

Rotten beef and illegal deforestation: Brazil’s largest meatpacker rocked by scandals

First world survey finds 9,600 tree species risk extinction

Potentially explosive methane gas mobile in groundwater, poses safety risk: study

Greenland’s Coastal Glaciers Rapidly Withering Away

Syria Has Become a Circus of Death: Doctor Warns of Growing Crisis as War Rages On

Workplace Surveillance Is The New Office ‘Perk’

Why Are So Many White Americans Dying?

How Trump Filled The Swamp

This is Corbett’s most important work ever. This is America’s military coup, no doubt about it. Corbett details how generals have taken over the political establishment and what the Phoenix Program Fusion Centers mean for the body politic of America. Bad, very bad. Corbett also details how big banks have taken over the Trump government, and how Trump’s promise to Make Israel Great Again is taking shape. Trump is a Zionist neo-con. Trump is in the swamp, of the swamp, for the swamp, by the swamp. He is the swamp creature.


Just as many thought Obama offered hope and change from the “left” and were disappointed, many young people think Trump will drain the swamp. He won’t. Trump is not fighting the deep state, he is managing a deep state civil war.









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