Collapse Daily 2017-04-07

The Biggest Stock Bubble In US History

The Unavoidable Pension Crisis

Global Debt Explodes At ‘Eye-Watering’ Pace To Hit £170 Trillion

Guns Are The True Cause Of Hunger And Famine

Arms Sales Becoming France’s New El Dorado, But At What Cost?

Complacency threatens climate change action

Icebergs Are Swarming Shipping Lanes in the Arctic

Illegal bushmeat trade threatens human health and great apes

Climate Change Is Melting Everest 

Cannibalism not so nutritious for early humans, study finds 
Why the Clintons look like shit.

Nearly 300 died in Mosul airstrike, making it one of the deadliest attacks on civilians in recent memory
Civilian numbers are always downplayed.

We are the war on terror, and the war on terror is us

Meet The Martin Shkreli Of Defense Contracting

Bigger Corporations Are Making You Poorer

Prescribing Crisis

The Green Aphrodisiac

Graphene is touted as the latest greatest miracle that will filter oceans and save the planet. You can make graphene at home in your blender ( not recommended ). The environmental impacts of graphene are completely unknown except that it can spread through rivers and lakes like wildfire. The health and safety impacts of graphene are mostly unknown, except that graphene is a nano-razor that slices through cells faster than a hot knife through butter. Graphene is made from graphite. Graphite mines are the dirtiest, filthiest mining operations in the world. Graphite mining pollution in China creates a fine black dust that coats crops and lungs alike. As soon as you step outdoors, you are shredding your lungs. When a banker thinks about graphene, it makes his dick hard, or her crotch wet, because of all the money it can make. In short, we are playing with fire again because of all the upside while we ignore the risks. Shoot first, question later. It’s how we do.



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