Collapse Daily 2017-04-08

Jimmy Dore: Television Comedians Are ‘Corporatists’ Who Are ‘Propping Up the Establishment’

US Credit Card Debt Tops $1 Trillion For The First Time In A Decade
Store Wars: US Retail Sector Is Shedding Jobs Like It’s A Recession
Apparel Retailers Lead The Charge Out Of Brick-And-Mortar
Wall Street Is Making It Harder to Buy a Car
US Jobs Growth Slumps To 98,000 In March (MW)
Millions Of Americans Desperate To Trade Part-Time Work For Full-Time
Toronto Real Estate Is In A Bubble Of Historic Proportions
Rosenberg: Toronto Housing Bubble ‘On Par With What We Had In The US’
Could Europe Copy America’s Supersized Corporate Debt?
Syrian Gas Attack is a Lie: “Stop Your Governments!” – Russia
US Missile Strikes in Syria Cross Russian ‘Red Lines’

Scientists finally figured out why whales leap into the air

How Hackers Hijacked a Bank’s Entire Online Operation

WikiLeaks just dropped the CIA’s secret how-to for infecting Windows

Uber said to use “sophisticated” software to defraud drivers, passengers

Third World War: the beginning?

The Impending Clash Between the U.S. and Russia

Five Top Papers Run 18 Opinion Pieces Praising Syria Strikes–Zero Are Critical

New Report on Car Insurance Redlining

It Took A War For Trump To Win CNN’s Approval

Brazil slashes environment budget by 43%

Trump Preparing Order to Expand Offshore Oil Drilling

Moms Exposed To Monsanto Weed Killer Means Bad Outcomes For Babies

A petroleum company under investigation for leaks in two underwater pipelines in Alaska’s Cook Inlet confirmed Friday it has an issue with a third

Death Toll Rising For Birds In Atlanta

YouTube Pulls Funding From Progressive News Shows – The Jimmy Dore Show

MSNBC’s First Prize Conspiracy Theory


Visualizing Syria


Zionists + Arabs – Vs. –  Persians + Russia

They are fighting over who will pump natural gas to Europe. X marks the spot.



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