The Collapse Of Expert Opinion

Did you know we have geological evidence that the earth’s magnetic pole once flipped at the rate of 6° latitude per year. This means the north pole became the south pole, a 180° flip, in as little as 30 years. Why haven’t you heard of this? Because it’s scary, that’s why.

We are now at the point where we can’t make change happen fast enough to stop collapse. This is the scariest thing of all, and it is why you are being lied to. We have zero percent chance of stopping collapse. It’s happening now, and deep down, you know it.

If you listen to a climate scientist, they will tell you that if we switch to renewable energy, we will survive. What they don’t tell you is that switching to renewable energy takes several decades.

An engineer will tell you electric cars will save us from climate change. What they don’t tell you is that building the necessary electrical infrastructure will take several decades.

Engineers will tell you that new battery technology that will save us. What they don’t tell you is that it is impossible to scale these techno-wonders up cheaply or quickly enough.

Green, donation-based websites will tell you that solar power is cheaper than ever and will save us from climate change. What they don’t tell is that 75% of the world’s solar panels are made in Asia, and that it takes one ton of coal to make just 6 panels, or that they are shipped in giant container ships and on railways. They also don’t tell you that if we got 100% of our electricity from solar and wind, we will only solve 20% of our emissions problem. Most of these panels are made in low-lying coastal cities in tropical Asian countries, and will be subject to innumerable and indescribable weather and ocean extremes. Everything is made in China on a just-in-time basis, meaning that when disaster strikes there, it is felt all over the world within weeks.

Agricultural specialists will tell you that if use the land we have more wisely, we can feed all the world by 2050. They don’t tell you that we are losing soil and groundwater so fast that this will be physically impossible. They don’t tell you that breadbaskets will reach 2° C twice as fast as the rest of the planet.

Ecologists will tell you that wildlife corridors will prevent mass extinction. They don’t tell you that business and agricultural interests are aggressively moving into these areas. Vegans tell you if we stop wasting food and eating meat, all will be well. Yeah baby, I like getting high too.

Specialists will tell that we can grow enough food from the seas. They don’t tell that living next to the sea will be life threatening. They don’t tell you that we are soon going to see storms 5X worse than Katrina or Sandy. They don’t tell you that these once-in-a-thousand year storms will happen every couple few years.

Why does it take a guy like me, who ain’t got no education, to tell you what you sense to be true? It’s because I’m retired, I’m not trying to save the world, I’m not trying to get rich on green energy, but mostly I’ve read hundreds of reports by experts and they all have the same narrative arc. They all start off with very scary numbers and end with hopelessly optimistic research scenarios, with specialists unmindful of the impacts of other areas of speciality. You see, whenever specialists stop scaring the pants off you and delve into the optimistic part of their narrative, they stop being a specialist and act human. They look away from their computer to gaze at the birds and bees, and vainly say, if people would just listen to me, all would be well.

What cracks me up, is that I’m not smart, just well read, and you’ll get more truth from me than any overpaid expert. Science is the art of understatement, and collapse ain’t understatement friendly. If a “scientist” ever truly spoke their mind, you would lock them up. We can be of two minds on almost anything, except collapse. There ain’t no half-measures for collapse. It’s literally all out or die.

Look at last year’s election, you had every expert in the world telling you that Hillary Clinton was going to win, and while she stole enough votes to win the popular ballot, she didn’t steal enough to win the electoral vote.





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