Collapse Daily 2017-04-10

Secret Recording Implicates Bank of England In Libor Manipulation

Great Barrier Reef at ‘Terminal Stage’

Coca-Cola produces over 100 billion plastic bottles that can’t be recycled

Bison had survived for 2 million years until humans arrived 

Online database maps ocean pollution and its effect on animals

Prepare for Impact – This is the Beginning of the End for U.S. Empire

Five Top Papers Run 18 Opinion Pieces Praising Syria Strikes—Zero Are Critical

Regime Change in Syria Is Now Priority, Says US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley

The Fire In The Hold Of The Doomed Euro

Great Debt Unwind: Bankruptcies Surge

Americans Are Becoming Obsessed With Putting Everything On Credit

Forced Speech In Canada, More Than Just Lip Service

Canada has passed a law that forces employers to use unknown words.

A Toronto University Professor speaks out against a law that forces citizens to use words other than “he” or “she” upon request. If not, the employer can pay $250,000 upfront for the pleasure of being charged with a crime by the Ontario Human Rights Commission. When the professor was asked, “How does this law relate to law on racially charged hate language?” He replied, “Those are laws to stop the use of words (hate language), whereas these new laws force you to use new words unknown to us.” This has serious implications to Canadian employers. There are dozens of unknown gender pronouns, they are completely unknown to most people.

How Boūt Them Cucked Canucks eh?


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