Collapse 2017-04-14

Humans must reduce net greenhouse gases emissions to zero “well before 2040” in order to ensure global warming does not go above 1.5 degrees Celsius by the end of the century

Early Heat Wave Bakes India, Sign of What’s to Come

Scientists Announce That The Great Barrier Reef is Officially ‘Terminal’

Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil Caught Using Dodgy Audits

Scientists Fear Climate Data Gap as Trump Aims at Satellites

The USDA Is Using Cyanide Bombs to Kill Wildlife

Research Shows Just How Much Hunting Reduces Animal Populations

Almost 2 billion people now rely on imported food

This is the garbage spreading across Canada

Heat from the Atlantic Ocean is melting Arctic sea ice further eastwards than ever before

We’re Heading Straight Into a Recession

Wall Street Fear Gauge Hits Fresh High For The Year

America Wastes Over 60% Of Its Energy

 Macroscale Modeling Linking Energy and Debt 

 At Least 97 Migrants Missing As Boat Sinks Off Libya

CIA Director Brands Wikileaks A ‘Hostile Intelligence Service’ 

MOAB, the largest non-nuclear bomb ever used by the US military, explained 

MOAB Only Killed 35 ISIS Fighters

The Democratic party is undermining Bernie Sanders-style candidates 

London Has The Most Cocaine In It’s Wastewater

For 3rd  Straight Month U.S. Killed More Civilians Than Russia

Q. What is Communism?

A. The longest, most painful road to capitalism.





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