The Collapse Of Life On Mars

Plasma physicist and nuclear weapons expert, Dr. John Brandenburg, explains how Mars collapsed.

Plasma physicist, Dr John Brandenburg, discusses his new hypothesis concerning high levels of weapons grade radiation detected on mars. The evidence is irrefutably the ratio of xenon isotopes left by a nuclear signature large enough to destroy a whole planet. The blast was in the air and extended all around the whole sphere, leaving a debris field on the opposite side. There is also evidence of green glass beneath the blast sites that is formed when a nuclear blast melts nearby sand.

Brandenburg is a nuclear weapons expert and worked just down the hall from the fellas who invented the neutron bomb. He’s not some UFO tinfoil hat kook. He’s deep state, inner circle establishment. He has lots of support from his peers, who by the way, are not idiots, but are PHd scientists. He’s sat on this information for years, building his case, and is now old enough to not care what reactionaries think. His story about a technological civilization on Mars is supported by another ranking retired general.

The reason this is being slowly leaked into the mediascape is money. It’ll cost a trillion bucks to get to Mars, so we’re gonna need an exceptionally strong excuse to fund that kind of project.

You may have once heard the story about the faces and pyramids found on Mars, but there’s a lot more to this story than what you’ve heard. It is truly fascinating. Keep an open mind, don’t be dismissive, and listen to the evidence. The evidence points to a nuclear mid-air explosion about a quarter to a half billion years ago. If true, you’ve now learned about 3 separate civilizational mega-collapses. One on Mars nearly half a billion years ago, one on earth 13,000 years ago and the one coming up in the next 10-20 years.

Look at the map below, notice how all the Mars anomalies are in one place, the same place the rovers landed. Coincidence? I think not. Cydonia and Galaxias Chaos are also sites where the archaeological remains of civilization have been discovered. The interviewer in this video is clumsy and unskilled, but Brandenburg is patient, jovial and funny as fuck. He’s a guy after my own heart, and no, I did not smoke a joint yet this morning.

In the last decade new evidence has surface on Mars monuments, ancient ruins of cities, massive structures and pyramid complexes. Here’s Brandenburg again.


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