Monday Morning’s Collapse Links 170424

China Stocks Head For Worst Day Of 2017 As Regulators Tighten Grip

Chinese Billionaires Amass In The Country’s Heartland

Fear City

Alcoholic Cirrhosis: Cold Weather Is a Risk

The U.S. wind industry now employs more than 100,000 people
– IMO People believe we can grow energy use more efficiently to meet irrelevant political carbon targets. The  2° C target is a failure of the fundamental math of our political energy economy. “It is the economy, stupid”

Exxon will frack 275,000 acres in New Mexico’s Permian Basin

Soil temperature at chemical dump site was 110 deg C – Times of India [230 f ]

Paul Craig Roberts Asks “If This Is Freedom And Democracy, What Is Tyranny?”

Ukraine, Korea, Syria, Iran… Falsifying History Is Uncle Sam’s Way To War

PURE EVIL: How Google steals content, crushes small publishers and monopolizes the internet for profit – too big not to fail

Cold Weather Associated With Increased Rates of Alcoholic Cirrhosis

Worsening heatwaves are turning dehydration into chronic kidney disease epidemics

Local, global security firms in race along China’s ‘Silk Road – Mainline to China

Poll: The Democratic Party Is In Deep Trouble – u-n-i-t-y

Devil’s Got My Woman



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