The Secret Collapse of Ancient America

There were 3 great cities in America larger than ancient Rome. They were in New Ark, the Ohio Valley and St. Louis. These great cities had iron and copper works and earth mounds wider than the great pyramids. These mounds were gigantic artificial mega-monumental hills used for stargazing. The North American Indians of this area are genetically from the Middle East. There is no genetic evidence of them crossing Alaska 30,000 years ago.

Ancient Indians wrote on birch bark with picto-glyphic styles like monumental block Hebrew and ancient Phoenician. These glyphs were often mistaken for Egyptian when discovered. The Mormon faith is based on these found “Egyptian” pictoglyphs.

Did you know that the very first issue of the Smithsonian Magazine featured these massive earthen mound works? George Washington and everyone else knew about them before the great culture purge of the 1880s. Back then, the chain of evidence in discovering America was little more than looting.

The greatness of ancient America was savaged by the white agenda of the manifest destiny of the 1880s. The Phonecian writings found in America back then are likely remains of the cultural descendants from the first great collapse of an ancient unknown human civilization nearly 13,000 years ago. The Smithsonian is little more than a warehouse of ancient American secrets, and an Archaeological Auschwitz. Archaeology has only recently become scientific, but back in 1880-1917, it was little more than institution of cultural theft and misappropriation.

These great American Indian cities had obviously collapsed well before the European cultural purge. Our cultural educational/institutional heritage has denied the past, and our present internet culture is denying the future.

So far as I can tell, there was a possible nuclear collapse on Mars 250-500 million years ago. There was also a massive double collapse whammy on earth 12,800 years ago and again 11,600 years ago as a great seafaring race was wiped out. The next collapse of civilization is expected within 10-30 years.

Earth will not be fine without us because we have set off a process that will boil away our oceans and atmosphere. Yet, there remains some hope we can live beneath the surface of earth until we find a “new” planet – and God help that planet, if we find it.



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