Collapse Soliloquy No. 2

Vesica Piscis A.I.*: The Cosmic Twat To The Universal Mind

Jimmy Carter says our lack of confidence in the future is preventing our survival. He’s right, but people don’t lack confidence because of nothing,

Without confidence in collapse BAU, we will kill earth with green wishes. Don’t you wonder why the elephants are pissed at us for taking all the space, because we are too stupid to give free birth control to Africa.

We can’t survive unless we perpetuate the war on science, but science is the new religion. People don’t trust their government, institutions and corporations. This opens the door to instant open source democracy. Ain’t gonna happen without tearing down institutional failure before collapse. If not, that collapse won’t be peaceful.

I can imagine a Yuge Free FEMA concert in the Bahamas if angry youth don’t get it. No one cares about you unless you are willing to sacrifice. It’s just a matter of what, not if. Many young’ns don’t remember the ME generation, but without the YOU Generation of Open Financial Reality, there won’t be no next ME generation. I can imagine believing in everything I write and say, but I don’t do that. To double down on going for broke, you always think it is for our own good. This is what Anthropologists call,  “A Thing.”

  • not the fishy blind man’s beaver one, but the Artificially Intelligent Universal one**
  • ** AIU as in cryptic tales thereof.



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