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Big Tobacco Leaves Huge Ecological Footprint

Climate change: The spread of dangerous diseases

Glaciers are melting so much they are changing the shape of the Earth’s crust

Climate change can alter the impact of forest pathogens in trees

Scientists are accidentally helping poachers drive rare species to extinction

Massive Fish Extinction Alert: Big Fishes Most Likely To Disappear Soon

How Big Money in Politics Blocked U.S. Action on Climate Change

Man dies and 40 bitten as vampire bats attack humans in Brazil

Libya becoming completely failed state

Denny’s joins McDonald’s and Taco Bell in delivering you food right to your sofa

Once Costly Deep-Sea Oil Turns Cheap, to OPEC’s Dismay

Europe Unveils Plan To Securitize Sovereign Debt

China Is The Greatest Financial Bubble in History

Debunking myths about why people migrate across the Mediterranean

One in three refugees on Greek island of Chios has witnessed suicide since arriving

How Facebook’s tentacles reach further than you think

$4 trillion carbon tax is needed to save humanity – Death & Taxes Indeed

Anatomy of Collapse

The Big Four FAAG ( Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google )

Never have so few produced so much value. 350,000 people make $1.6 trillion in value. This is equal to the GDP of Canada. They have more influence than most countries. In 2015, Amazon was responsible for 43% of online sales and the next 10 biggest retailers were responsible for 25%. This is dangerous because hundreds of billions of dollars are going to fewer and fewer people. The rest get low paying jobs. I repeat, this is d-a-n-g-e-r-o-u-s! Google and FB now control over 50% of mobile ad revenue. All the brightest and best people are migrating to these 4 companies.


Collapse Daily Loki Links

Borneo, formerly nicknamed the “lungs of the world”, now seemed to have contracted lung cancer. The air quality index, at which 300 indicates a hazardous level of toxicity, skyrocketed to 3,000 within a week.

“Too Huge to Manage” — New Studies Highlight Danger in Failing to Rapidly Cut Carbon Emissions Now

How Rising Seas Drowned the Flood Insurance Program 

Self-Driving Cars Will Destroy Cities, Not Save Them – This will be ignored.

Great Barrier Reef can no longer be saved, Australian experts concede

Urban ‘heat island’ effect could intensify climate change, making cities up to 7C warmer – Little known is that daily highs are actually several degrees warmer than stated because daily temps are taken in the shade not in the sun.

Vegetation can alter climate by up to 30 percent

Spain and Portugal could be hit by ‘megadroughts’ lasting 15 years by 2100

Most extreme heat could reduce GDP by more than 10%

EU climate laws undermined by Polish and Czech revolt

U.S. may put emergency tariffs on solar imports

Study finds Congo’s miners often resort to hunting wildlife for food

Cyclone wreaks havoc in Bangladesh refugee camp

The latest in the USDA’s ongoing attempts to stymie transparency

Australia Hedge Fund Returns Cash To Clients Citing Looming Calamity

Saudi Foreign Reserves Dip Below $500 Billion in April

The Great US Energy Debt Wall

Millions Of Americans Just Got An Artificial Boost To Their Credit Score

Laser Weapons Edge Closer To Battlefield Use

Hong Kong’s Housing Market Has Become “A Sea Of Madness” Central Bank Warns

3 Confirmed Zika Virus Cases In India

When Some US Firms Move Production Overseas, They Also Offshore Their Pollution

Bitcoin sees $4bn in value wiped out as price falls 20%

A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall

Millions of Yemenis face hunger during Ramadan

No Laughing Matter: The Manchester Bomber is the Spawn of Hillary and Barack’s Excellent Libyan Adventure

China’s shadow banking crackdown shakes markets

The Internet Of Things DANGER

There are no IOT security experts and we have never pulled back from exploiting new technology. Not even a major security breach will stop IOT deployment. Your smart phone and car are/will be IOT devices. The mafia wants to, not hack you, but blackmail you.


Collapse Daily Links

Indonesian Borneo is finished: Pollution reaching epic proportions

Peat lands are one of the least understood ecosystems

Wildfires on the rise due to drought and climate change

Tropospheric Warming Over The Past Two Decades

Long Duration Floods: Drivers and Causes

After a lake caught fire in in India, another lake is foam due to toxic effluents

The world’s most toxic town: Zambia’s lead mines

EVs Are Getting More Popular As The Grid Gets Greener – A Crock of Shit!

Choosing A Climate Friendly Car – Are You Fucking Kidding Me?

One third of American households cannot afford water bills – Or Electric Cars

Let’s Watch Pittsburgh’s Mayor Slowly Realize Uber Is Not His Friend

Why Americans Aren’t Hitting the Road This Summer – No flying electric car Uber rentals?

Only China and India can save us now – Another Crock of Shit!

GMO crops could expect a brighter future – The Shit Crock Runneth Over!

New NAFTA Must Put People and Planet First – Mental Silly Putty

Commercial Fish Head North – If fishes were wishes BAU

Stocks Won’t Crash Spectacularly but May Zigzag Lower

Camille Paglia: Democrats Are Colluding With The Media To Create Chaos

US consumers’ trust deficit is permanent

Innovation Won’t Overcome Stagnation

India defends use of innovative human shield in Kashmir – Cannon fodder for the soul

Wake up, liberals: There will be no 2018 “blue wave,” no Democratic majority and no impeachment – File under, “I want to live!”

Trump Submits to Neocon Orthodoxy – Counterpunch

America’s $1.1 Trillion National Security Budget

The Future of Work: Automation and Labor – A.I. Includes Slaves, Artists, Liars In A Laissez Faire Dystopia

The End Of Work Means The Beginning Of Slavery

The Boy Problem


A.I. Collapse Conspiracy Acceleration

We are conspiring towards collapse, whether knowingly or unknowingly, doesn’t matter. The motivation driving us towards collapse is personal success. There’s nothing inherently wrong with success, unless there are 8 billion others who want the same thing. The final nail in the coffin of our successful collapse is Artificial Intelligence. A.I. is not like climate change. It’s not some vague, distant threat, it’s real, it’s here, it’s now!

A.I. Is Making Financial Jobs and Banks Obsolete! Not In The Future! Right Fucking Now!

Half of All Jobs Will Be Replaced by A.I. in 10 Years Says AI Expert Kai-Fu Lee

Lee says his A.I. investment manager returns 8X more than human investment mangers. This is a gold rush formula that will rival and outdo personal computers and smart phones. The wealth potential and jobs destruction is so great, that elites are even willing to discuss a basic minimum income, while that’s unheard of, it is still just talk.

Of course this is all bullshit. We’ve heard this before when Bill Clinton passed NAFTA back in the 90s. We were told that manufacturing jobs will be replaced by knowledge jobs. Well, A.I. will be coming for those knowledge jobs now, and we are told that knowledge jobs will be replaced by creative content jobs, those would be the same creative content jobs that YouTube is demonetizing and effectively shadow banning now.

You see, A.I. can not only identify faces faster than humans, it can do so while watching 30 million people all at once, simultaneously. A.I. drones can now recognize your individual walking gait from overhead and they can do it simultaneously on everyone it can see.

Stephen Hawking: Out of Control Artificial Intelligence(AI) Will Control Mankind!

Google Puts Artificial Intelligence(AI) in Every Phone

Did I say A.I. is already here? Check your smartphone. This is the bait. Computers are not going to take over the world unless we want them to.

You know it’s serious, when even Microsoft gets involved, always a day late and dollar short, but never too far behind the tailing edge of the curve.

We are not going to say, “Okay, take my job but give me a smarter phone!” You have to slap lipstick on a pig before you can take it out. So get ready, here comes the new generation of “free leisure time, creative service economy and basic incomes”. All bullshit to pull the wool over our eyes. No one cared when blue collar workers lost their jobs, but now computers are coming for white collar managerial jobs including finance, medical and pharma.


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History is seasonal and winter is coming
Mistrust In America:
– 15% trust the supreme court
– 11% trust banks
09% trust criminal courts
08% trust newspapers
06% trust big business
03% trust congress


If They’re Wrong, the Planet Dies

35% of the World’s ‘National Animals’ Are Threatened With Extinction

Greenpeace Says French Oil Company Underestimated Drilling Risks Near Amazon Reef

Vietnam makes a big push for coal, while pledging to curb emissions

Brazil’s farmers and loggers target national park

Brazil Senate reduces protection of 597 thousand hectares of Amazon forest

Brazil seeks to privatize deforestation remote sensing program

The Hidden Dangers of Road Salt

‘Panic’ in Bangladesh factories as workers collapse in heatwave

Split ‘6-1’ on climate change at G7 as Trump holds out

How Climate Change Elevates The Risk & Severity Of Forest Fires

Climate change affecting spring greening and migratory birds

10,000 Migrants Rescued, Dozens Drown Between Italy And Libya This Week

Tripoli death toll mounts as ‘Libya revolution hero’ clashes with UN-backed govt forces

Trump Tells ‘Confidants’ US Will Leave Paris Climate Deal

We’re Dealing With a New Type of War Lie

Climate & Extreme Weather News (May 19th to May 27th 2017)

How the Food Industry is Cooking the Planet


Collapse Daily Links

Climate change taking toll on mental health of Inuit

G7 climate harmony elusive

Netflix still runs on fossil fuels

More Leaf Litter Is a Double-Edged Sword

Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra Duramax diesels used defeat devices

Diesel Fumes Take a Toll on Health

How Exposed Are We to Natural Hazards?

Calculating when your climate will start to seem weird

Storage of nuclear waste poses threat to U.S.

Concerns remain with Nigerian superhighway

The Worst Air Quality in the World, Mapped

Climate change is keeping Americans awake at night. Literally.

Costly Weather Disasters and Prediction Costs

Global Carbon Cycle: Tiny Shells Show Big Changes

Global Pension Underfunding To Grow To $400 Trillion Over Next 30 Years

Waves Rippled Through Greenland’s Ice. That’s Ominous

UK Retirement Age Could Hit 80 As Pensions Deficit Sets Off Time Bomb

Libyan Coastguard Opened Fire At Refugee Boats

“Thousands’ of known bugs found in pacemaker code

Chairman of Meatpacker at Center of Brazil Corruption Probe Resigns

U.S. Air Strikes in Syria Kill More than 100

Chipotle Says Payment System Was Hacked

A Shadowy Corporate Lobby Is Quietly Trying To Ban Protesting Across The U.S.

A New Way to Challenge the Failed “War on Drugs”

Democrats – Lemmings in Search of a Cliff: Why You Shouldn’t Bet the Ranch on 2018

Federal prosecutor found dead in water on Hollywood beach

Air rage: why does flying make us so angry? Science says it’s about class

Soft US economic data dampens hopes of a rebound


Conspiracy Collapse ≠ Collapse Conspiracy

In the old days assorted parties would conspire in secret to reach secret goals. Well, that conspiracy has collapsed and everything is out in the open. In fact, choosing sides is the overwhelming exercise most do not have the time or luxury to know.

If your job is to plant fake corporate narratives and seeds of doubt, then you used to have the easiest job in the world. Nowadays, the plethora of alternative narratives have made it glaringly obvious that corporate-only media news is pure political propaganda. The media has slipped from pure corporate control to almost just anyone and everything. This complicates expensive mis-information campaigns.

The tables have turned, and now it’s the small progressive independent media sowing the seeds of doubt. That’s because public opinion on anything critical usually runs from 60/40 up to 50/50. And, if you plant the seeds of doubt in just 10% of the people on one side, you can sway public policy. What was once good for the goose, is now good for the gander and all genders in between. The internet has allowed both the alt -right and -left to scream fake news at each other incessantly like in some sort of fake media forever war. But, forever isn’t forever. It may be just months away.

The only tool left in the establishment war chest is Net Neutrality. Net neutrality will be replaced by the pro-corporate narrative. I suspect that by neutering net neutrality, corporations will not only regain control of the narrative, but they will also be able to specifically target individuals. Sort of like a Smart Censorship Bomb. People like Greenpeace and TYT will have a subtle corporate funded tilt, and the rest can go fuck themselves. I used to think that everything was a collapse conspiracy, but now I suspect we are first headed for a conspiracy collapse.


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NASA Discovers a New Mode of Ice Loss in Greenland

Is your USDA Organic really from the US?

GM Accused in Owner Lawsuit of Using VW-Like Defeat Devices

Sea Level Rise Tripled In Last Two Decades and will accelerate

Climate change will devastate coffee production

Rising Seas May Wipe Out These Jersey Towns

Watch a 10-Year-Old Tell the Truth About How Cheeseburgers Impact the Planet 

‘Horrific’ Increase in Worldwide Displacement, Shows New Report

8 Things You Didn’t Realize Will Be Ruined By Climate Change

War in Afghanistan Is Killing Children in Record Numbers in 2017

American Bombs Kills Over 105 Civilians in Mosul

America Has Been at War 93% of the Time – 222 out of 239 Years – Since 1776

Above-average Atlantic hurricane activity expected despite a potential El Niño

As Arctic sea ice shows record decline, scientists prepare to go blind

Singapore is world’s second largest shark-fin trader

Wildlife of South Sudan At Risk Due To Rising Poaching, Trafficking Threats

Natural Calamity Map Locators For Safe Habitation

NSA Under Obama Secretly Spied On Americans For Years

C Unease On Greek Island of Chios Over New Migrant Detention Center hina’s Reforms

Not Enough To Arrest Mounting Debt – Moody’s

Fed Faces A ‘Surprise’ Problem On US Inflation

CalPERS: Is It Melting Down?

Trump wants to cut funding for earthquake early warning system

15,000-Year-Old Artifacts Unearthed In Northern Peru