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(( No Climate Food Threat Models Include Pest Control ))

This means food will be more poisonous going forward as tropical pests head north. This means RoundUp will continue to degrade soil fungus, the food base of soil ecosystems. Drought will accompany floods in America’s food basket. Rains are more volatile and wash away more dried soil in 15 minutes than all the rest of the year. The strength and frequency of these down bursts is increasing exponentially. There is increasingly erratic outbreaks of insect, bacterial and fungal pandemics hitting bats, birds and fish etc. Planktons are heading for both population collapse and explosions, and being the base of the ocean food chain, fish will collapse faster than they find food. So, no fish, no grains, no oil, no equality until finally, there is no life. The Ukraine is the last unconquered bastion of prime farmland Monsanto has yet to steal. Maybe this is the basis for the Russia wank, ask ZBig or Soros, who think collapse is an 11th level chess game.

Down With Up

Great food links by collapasurus: 

$$$ links

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Big Summer Shutdowns Loom for U.S. Auto Plants as Sales Sputter


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