Collapse Cause #1: How It Is Killing You, And Earth

How Meat Is Killing You And How Your Government Is Lying About It

• Humans and livestock now occupy nearly 50% of the land on earth.
• Livestock occupy 70% of all the agricultural land on earth.
• Livestock & humans are 97% of the land vertebrate biomass on earth.
• Livestock caused 80% of all land species extinctions.
• 1 lb Beef = 2,500 gal water, 12 lbs grain, 35 lbs lost soil & 1 gal gasoline.
• 33% of the world’s fish catch is fed to livestock.
• 70% of U.S. grain is fed to livestock.
50% of South America’s soy is fed to China’s pigs.
• 5 million acres of rain forest felled each year for fresh cattle pasture.
U.S. livestock produce 10 times more shit than U.S. humans.

Meats And Cancer

The WHO says that processed meats like bacon and sausages are a Class One carcinogen, the same as asbestos, tobacco and plutonium. They also say fresh meats like steaks and roasts are a Class Two carcinogen, and that 34,000 deaths per year in America are caused by diets high in processed meats. They also say that just one serving of processed meats per day increases cancer risk by 18%.

None of this information is available on the American Cancer Society’s homepage, but on their Eating Healthy page, they encourage a diet that includes Class One carcinogens. This is like The Lung Association featuring a web page that teaches you how to roll tobacco.

Meat, Dairy, Eggs And Diabetes

With 66% of Americans overweight there is clearly a problem, and within 25 years, 1 in 3 Americans will get diabetes. Harvard researchers have found that just One Serving of processed meat per day can increase diabetes risk by 51%. This information isn’t front and center on the American Diabetes Association web page, but diet suggestions that include processed meat is. Dr. Robert Ratner, of the American Diabetes Association, flat out refuses to talk about diet and diabetes, WTF?

((( One Serving of processed meat per day can increase diabetes risk by 51% )))

But guess what? While sugar isn’t healthy, Dr. Neal Barnyard, a diabetes expert, says you can’t get diabetes from sugar, and sugar doesn’t make you fat. WTF? He says that diabetes is caused by the build up of fatty plaque in your arteries, and fatty plaque blocks sugar from getting into cells where it’s needed, and this plaque comes from meat heavy diets.

Meat, Dairy, Eggs And Obesity

Dr. Garth Davis, a weight loss expert, says that the more carbohydrates (sugar) you eat, the less chance you have of gaining weight. He also says that the more meat you eat, the more likely you will get fat. He says the focus on sugar for weight gain takes away the focus from the real culprits like meat, dairy and eggs. This is done on purpose, and deep down you already know why. Money. And who likes money? Politicians and NGOs.

Meat, Dairy, Eggs And Heart Attacks

Nearly 17 million people around the world die from heart disease each year. The number of people dying from heart disease is equivalent to 4 Jumbo jets crashing every hour of every day every year.

Dr. Michael Gregor, a diet expert, says that when you eat fatty meats, you get an instant burst of inflammation to your blood arteries within minutes of it going in your mouth. We’re not talking about meat hurting your arteries somewhere down the road, it shocks your arteries immediately after you eat it. Yet, the American Heart Association website has a page that includes beef recipes for “healthy heart” eating.

Meat, Dairy, Eggs And Alzheimer’s

Dr. Michael Klaper says that many people are given the diagnosis for Alzheimer’s disease, when it’s not true Alzheimer’s at all. He says the vast majority of people suffer Alzheimer symptoms due to tiny blood vessels in their brain clogging up from eating meat, which blocks oxygen from getting to brain cells.

Chicken Not So Little

Dr. Caldwell Esseltyn, a heart specialist, says that poultry is bad for your heart. Even chicken labelled organic or all natural has up to 800 grams of a salt solution injected right into the carcass before being sold. Chicken is the leading source of sodium in the American diet. Heterocyclic amines are carcinogens that form when cooking any type of meat, but are found by far the most in chicken. This carcinogen was found in every single sample of fast food chicken throughout America. Yet, the American Cancer Society tells people to switch from processed meats to chicken. Dr. Kapler says that chicken is the one meat he would choose to eliminate altogether from the American diet. That’s how dangerous chicken is.

Dairy Faerie Dust

Dairy products can increase male prostate cancer by 34%. For women who had breast cancer, just one serving of whole dairy per day can increase their chance of dying from the disease by 49%. One serving of dairy per day, can increase your chances of dying from anything by 64%. Why aren’t breast cancer sites like Susan G. Koman warning everybody about this? Would the fact that they are sponsored by Yoplait Yogurt have anything to do with it? Does a bear poop in the woods? Did you know that cheese affects the brain the same way as heroin? If you believe pink ribbons will fight breast cancer, then you had better watch the documentary called Pink Ribbons Inc.

((( For breast cancer survivors, just one serving of whole dairy per day can increase their chance of dying from the disease by 49%. )))

The Zero Sum Money Game

Often you will hear that livestock production is responsible for 18-30% of all carbon emissions. It is extremely difficult to get reliable information on this because of a coordinated misinformation campaign. That’s because they stop measuring the carbon footprint of meat when it reaches the store or restaurant. But, just think about all the McDonald’s and Wendy’s everywhere, with all their drive-through windows and the like. There’s even one study that says meat production and consumption is responsible for up to 50% of all carbon emissions.


In fact, back in 2013, the U.S. passed a law that allows American chicken farmers to ship poultry all the way to China for processing, after which, they ship it all the way back as chicken nuggets for America’s school lunches and fast food chains. It’s the same with how they ignore the carbon footprint of China shipping solar panels world wide.


Source: How 16 ships create as much pollution as all the cars in the world

Did you ever hear any of this? Of course not. But why?

Whenever Americans think about their health, they turn to the familiar institutions they grew up with. This trust is misplaced. All these institutions are sponsored by the meat, dairy and egg industries. But, who else has an interest in making sure you eat meat? The big drug industries, because Big Pharma sells 80% of all the antibiotics it makes to livestock producers. Then when you get sick, and you will, they sell you the drugs you need to get well enough to continue eating meat. The government is complicit in this. Win-Win for government and corporations. Lose-Lose for you and your health.

All meats include environmental toxins like PCPs and Dioxins that persist in crop fields. GMO feed given to animals is heavily laden with pesticides that cause reproductive abnormalities, and hormonal/developmental issues in unborn babies.

If you want to know why health organizations promote eating food that will kill you and earth, just follow the money…

I am death

American Diabetes Association Sponsors

• Dannon – One of the world’s largest dairy producers
• Kraft – Makers of Velveeta, Oscar Mayar and Lunchable processed meats
• Bumble Bee Foods – Makers of processed can meats

American Cancer Society Sponsors

• Tyson – One of the world’s largest meat producers
• Yum – Owner of Pizza Hut, KFC and Taco Bell

Susan G. Komen Sponsors

• Dietz & Watson processed meats
• Yoplait yogurt.

American Heart Association

• Texas Beef Association
• Kentucky Beef Council
• Nebraska Beef Council
• Colorado Beef Council
• Idaho Beef Council
• South Dakota Beef Council
• Cargill – One of the biggest food producers in the world
• Tyson
• Unilever
• Subway
• White Wave Foods
• Dairy Max
• ConAgra Foods
• General Mills
• Nestle
• Perdue
• Farmland – Pork producers
• Mars
• Kraft
• Kelloggs
• Domino’s Pizza
• Pepsi

A Momentary Lapse Into Lucidity?

How do I know all this? Am I some sort of health wizard? Nope! I just watched this film.












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