Today’s Collapse Links

World Bank Warns Of China Debt Risk From Backdoor Local Borrowing

We Are On The Edge Of The Abyss But We Ignore It

The End of Wild Elephants: Africa To Become One Giant Food Farm

Bangladesh Now Single Biggest Country of Origin for EU-Bound Migrants

Charles Gave Expects “Total Mayhem” In France Even If Macron Is Elected

Climate change brings more Sahel storms

Pollution From Canada’s Oil Sands Vastly Underestimated (By As Much As 4.5x)

Threat Multiplier: Climate Change Brings Deadly Health Surprises

Threat of moose-killing tick infestation looms as far-north climate warms

Methane Mystery Gets More Muddled

Temperature Spikes, Greenhouse Gasses Rise, More Global Warming Effect

Leopard sharks dying by the hundreds in San Francisco Bay

Klamath River Tribes in Crisis as Salmon Disappear

The U.S. Is on a Historic Streak of Record Highs

Extreme Weather Floods the Midwest

How to Settle down with Dystopia

Apple-Picking Robot Prepares to Compete for Farm Jobs

Low-income renters in Baltimore become migrants in their own city

Minnesota measles outbreak still “early” as cases increase

Trump wants a new Afghan surge.

Venezuela is Starving


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