Wednesday’s Collapse Conspiracy Links

I’m turning 60 this year, I’ve been studying, thinking about, and waiting for collapse since 1977 just before my 20th year. I have been wrong all my life, and am grateful for it, but like expecting to die each night before falling asleep, if you wake up each day on this side of the grass, you’re happy as a pig in shit.

Assange: ‘CIA Is Basically Useless, Incompetent’

Shale Drillers Are Outspending the World With $84 Billion Spree

Anonymous Warns World To ‘Prepare’ For World War 3

French Election A Catastrophe For World Peace

Emmanuel Clinton and the Revolt of the Elites

Philippine Palm Oil Incites New Fears

Global Warming Kills Gut Bacteria in Lizards

‘Catastrophic failure’: Oil spill in NYC East River requires massive cleanup

Emergency declared at US Hanford nuclear waste site after tunnel collapse

Tunnel Collapses at Nuclear Facility Once Called ‘an Underground Chernobyl Waiting to Happen’

IMF Report: U.S. Corporate Debt Could Be Trump’s Waterloo

Oil Below $65 Per Barrel…For Years – until it’s not by 2022 latest

‘False sense of security’: Global warming looks set to accelerate

Goodbye peer review, hello industry review

Hot spell continues in N India, Churu sizzles at 47 °C / 116 °F

The Doomsday Glacier

The US Way of War Is a Budget-Breaker: Never Has a Society Spent More for Less

‘Report on alleged Russian hacking is embarrassment to US intelligence profession’ – fmr CIA officer

U.S. Democratic senators seek probe into Icahn’s biofuel credit dealings

Pope Francis invites scientists to the Vatican after Catholic Church realizes the Big Bang is real – God Help Us All

“Google Is as Close to a Natural Monopoly as the Bell System Was in 1956″

Jimmy Carter and Bernie Sanders Explain How Inequality Breeds Authoritarianism

Signs Of The Times

Why We Are NOT Going To Mars!
Reason #1 – Who wants to be locked in a box for years with me?


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