SkyNet is Real = The Most Important Collapse Video You Will Ever See


Set Your Drones On Auto-Kill

People who don’t read collapse think we going to live in an organic pan-sexual solar paradise of progressive ideals. Progressive ideals come from privilege and plenty, and privilege and plenty is leaving most of us behind. This angry abandonment is how Trump won. We used to worry about robots taking over our jobs, but now they are taking over our minds, as well as the Deep State minds that run Google and the Pentagon.

The Beast Pegasus 

Google AI and Lockheed Martin are buying up all the AI robot companies. The Pegasus predator drone is an AI jet that can land on air craft carriers and is literally invisible to the human eye, because the bottom of the aircraft is covered in small LED pixels that reproduce a video of the sky above.

pegasusThe Pegasus AI Auto-Killer

These drones can understand everything they see all at once in real time. Humans do not design A.I. computer chips anymore. We do NOT understand the how the A.I. systems work anymore. We can’t because we collapse under the sheer volume of data. The KILL DECISION is already on the Pegasus drone and can be turned ON anytime. This includes drones on the ground or under the water. The U.S. GOV stated goal is to empower the drones with the autonomous kill decision. But, something stopped them.

Tales of The Talon

The Talon is an auto-kill AI mini-tank that’s been in Iraq since 2007. At a demonstration for VIP Brass it started by pointing its guns at the generals and big shots. A marine tackled the thing, knocking it over on its side and preventing the unlikely deaths of many rich people. Sigh… Oh, well, maybe next time. While partially suspended, the program is ongoing. The tank is on R&R somewhere, likely in Dubai with some sexbots.


All kidding aside, The AI threat is not a big giant computer somewhere, that’s like so yesterday. Instead, it’s a distributed internet of things that’s programmed to survive human interference and to propagate itself among our computers for reassembly when needed. I cannot imagine a stupider more scary thing to do. Arm an artificial intelligence we don’t understand that is programmed to survive us and/or kill us and put it everywhere. Just think of all the PTSD health care savings. Robots don’t say no. They kill or fuck whoever we tell them to. To A.I., no means yes. Isaac Asimov, who invented the original 3 robot primary objectives, would blush.

The MIC is so corrupt, we risk killing ourselves before we kill the earth.

How AI Will Kill Us!!!

Tennis Anyone?



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