Thursday’s Collapse Conspiracy Links

We conspire for the collapse of earth to get more money and power for ourselves. We have spent 20 years doing nothing about climate and sustainability except sell more solar panels. The following daily links detail the social, political, economic and ecological that results from this culture of delusion.

Where Have All The Insects Gone? – They’re all here in northern Ontario.

Top 5 Cities That Will Soon Disappear by 2070

High temperatures and mosquito diseases

$9 Trillion Question: What Happens When Central Banks Stop Buying Bonds?

Libya Intercepts Almost 500 Migrants After Sea Duel

Six Canadian Banks Cut by Moody’s on Consumers’ Debt Burden

US Glacier national park is losing its glaciers with just 26 of 150 left

A Changing Environment Threatens Worker Safety and Productivity

The Injustice of Atlantic City’s Floods

Crumbling U.S. bridges and road bring higher taxes and fees

As heat index climbs, emergency visits, deaths rise in New England

Climate concerns raised at many ‘town halls’

Hong Kong traders encourage ivory smuggling

Dakota Access pipeline has first leak before pipeline is fully operational

US Glacier National Park down to its last 26 glaciers after losing 124 in a century

This “dead whale” will convince you to stop littering once and for all

A new book ranks the top 100 solutions to climate change. The results are surprising.

Warming Threatens Tibetan Alpine Grasslands

Concrete, or beaches? World’s sand running out as global construction booms – Desert sand is no good for cement.

Researchers Find Gut Bacteria Can Trigger Brain Lesions That Lead to Strokes

Washington prepares to send up to 5,000 more troops into Afghanistan

No, the “New” CNN Video of the Chemical Incident Does NOT Prove that the Syrian Government Did It

The Conviction of an Activist for Laughing Portends Repression of Protest Under Trump

Nestlé Still Extracts Water From Public Land for a Pittance

West Virginia Police Officer Sues After Being Fired for Not Shooting Black Man

IEA Sees Oil Market Supply Deficit Deepen Significantly This Year

More than half of young people in Europe would join a “large-scale uprising”

A Middle Class Which Aligns with the Rich Cuts Its Own Throat

In surveys over the past 40 years, the share of Americans who say that most people can be trusted has fallen to 33 percent from about 50 percent. The erosion of trust coincides with widening disparities in incomes.  The Economics of Trust

Comey is the distraction, Kissinger is the Real News!





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