Bill And Ted’s Excellent Deep Web Conspiracy And The Collapse Of Privacy


( click for video )

Today’s Collapse Conspiracy Links

Earth is losing its ice: Glaciers around the world are rapidly disappearing

Amazon river CO2 emissions are so high the Amazon basin is nearly net carbon neutral

Climate change as genocide: But the international response is essentially a shrug of indifference.

Where have all the insects gone?

Record-Thin Sea Ice Faces Big Predicted Arctic Warm-up This Week

Why Tesla’s Solar Roof Is Just Another Giant Taxpayer Gift To Elon Musk

UK ignores Yemeni slaughter as Riyadh spends more on British military equipment’

Pakistan experienced the hottest day ever recorded for the month of April

Monsanto hires internet trolls to cover up Roundup’s cancer risk

China Stocks Are Tumbling Again. Unlike 2015, World Doesn’t Care

Pound Stumbles As Bank Of England Releases Gloomy Economic Report

Macron Spells the End to the Global Baby-Boomer Rule

Somebody’s Going To Suffer: Greece’s New Austerity Measures

How Rising Temperatures Could Fry the Economy

The Walmart Tax Every American Taxpayer Pays

Indian Biometric System Data leaked; over 130 M people could be affected

The Huge Potential Of Investing In Products For America’s Neediest

The Democrats’ Davos ideology won’t win back the midwest



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