Collapse Daily Links

Scientists Identify 28,000 Medicinal Plants That Treat Ailments from Cancer to Diabetes – This will lead to many of their extinctions.

Rampant Corruption at USDA Organic Program

The vanishing animals that future generations will never see

Syphilis Is On The Rise Because Penicillin Isn’t Profitable

Gender Gap in Tanzania, Uganda Climate Policies

Hanford contractor finds radioactive contamination on worker’s clothes

The Paper Company Threatening Ancient Boreal Forests

Antarctic warming threatens vast ice shelf

A Vital Drug Runs Low, Though Its Base Ingredient Is in Many Kitchens

Famous Canadian Ice Road Melts for the Last Time

Water Efficiency in Rural Areas Is Getting Worse

Rising temperatures in Aussie cities could create death traps

Degrading Earth’s future climate

Diesel Exhaust Tied To 38,000 Early Deaths A Year

Peace Activists Confront Amy Goodman on Biased Syria Coverage

US Loan Creation Crashes To Six-Year Low

UK Has All The Ingredients For A New Credit Crunch

Nassim Taleb Tells Ron Paul: “We’ll Destroy What Needs To Be Destroyed”

Interest-Only Loans Could Be ‘Australia’s Subprime’

Texas congressman threatened with lynching after calling for Trump’s impeachment

‘He’s a hero’: 5yo boy saves family after alerting relatives to parents’ heroin overdose

Pentagon overbills US military for fuel to pour surplus into ‘slush fund’

The Perfect Storm Hits Used Car Values

13 Ways To Fight Fake News

Greek Authorities To Launch Mass Confiscation Of Safe Deposit Boxes, Securities, Homes In Tax-Evasion Crackdown

Big game hunter is crushed to death when an elephant he was hunting in Zimbabwe is shot and falls on top of him

California Authorities Are Failing to Track and Prevent Abuse of Police Databases


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