Collapse Daily Links


2017 Natalia Shakhova Video On Siberian Methane

Global temperature rise could exceed 1.5°C in 15 years

2 more leaks found along Dakota Access pipeline

Human-Induced Deforestation Worsening Malaria

Koalas population close to extinction in Australia

Buzzing about extinction of pollinators

Catastrophe and the Climate – Foreign Affairs (Subscription)

Risks of Increasing Aridity and Land-Use Overlap

The environmental impact of factory farming

Smoke from wildfires can have lasting climate impact

No Glaciers in the Contiguous US by 2050

Sea level rise accelerating nearly 3x faster than during 20th century

China Hit by First Moody’s Downgrade Since 1989 on Debt Risk

Chinese Banks Are In Big Trouble

Fossils Cast Doubt On Human Lineage Originating In Africa

Why you could end up homeless in retirement

Wahhabis And Zionists Urge Trump To Regime-Change Syria To Fight Iran

Perceived social presence reduces fact-checking PNAS





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